Monday, October 7, 2013

Whatsapp Messenger for BlackBerry 10 Updated

The common bad-tempered platform Instant social messaging app Whatsapp representing BlackBerry 10 scarcely got an revise.
Various updates declare been rolled passй by Whatsapp in excess of these beyond not many months.
This may well be due to the proclamation by BlackBerry to put together BlackBerry Messenger a bad-tempered platform app to run on Android and iOS.
Of track, if BBM goes bad-tempered platform, Whatsapp treatment will lessen significantly .
In the sphere of other to stay expedient and not lack one figure with the aim of the BlackBerry might declare, Whatsapp declare categorical to issue various latest updates with the aim of would let somebody have users better experience and more stability.

The hottest Whatsapp revise to BlackBerry 10 comes with bugs fixes, enhancements and plus the following:

1. Fixes and Improvements to voice message
2. Emoji input support representing Messages
3. Default maps app opening whilst customary.
4. Push notifications fixes
5. Media automobile download settings

Because usual, this revise can be downloaded from the BlackBerry World.

Source: BlackBerryOS

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