Thursday, August 22, 2013

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne For Android and ios For Free

Today the Asphalt 8: Airborne best racing Game is Now Available to Download for Android, iPhone and iPad For free. The expected eighth game of the Asphalt series takes your car airborne with new tracks with platforms and stones to jump off and defy gravity for a few sweet moments.
Asphalt 8: Airborne is The best Android arcade racing game series reaches a new turning point! Perform dynamic, high-speed aerial stunts in an intense driving experience powered by a brand-new physics engine.
Asphalt 8: Airborne-logo
 Download Asphalt 8

Monday, August 19, 2013

YouTube App update August 19, 2013 For Android

Today The YouTube application on the Android OS has been updated , and we see a renovation made ​​significant improvements and wonderful at the same time and the first and most prominent thing you notice is the property management tasks within YouTube where you can pull the video that you see to the bottom to be in the form of a window so that you can browse YouTube while watching video on a window or dragto the left to get rid of it or you can drag it from the bottom to the top to watch another video, as you can now search through the list of playlists, as well as improvements for YouTube Chromecast service and repair of previous problems with significant improvements in the application interface update is now available and I recommend it.You can Download it From here
August 19, 2013-youtube
August 19, 2013-youtube

Is there Sony Xperia Z1 (Z One) Smartphone ?

A new tweet on Twitter From DooMLoRD Explain that the Sony Xperia Honami might be called Z1 (Z One) and DooMLoRD has leaked official ROMs for Sony Xperia smartphones in the last monthes, so there is every chance that this may be based on reliable information. We think that the Xperia Z1 (Z One) Name is much better than the Xperia Honami name. it is simple and Uncomplicated We are waiting for this wonderful Sony smartphone eagerly.what Do you think??
Sony Xperia Z1 (Z One)

Archos 80b Platinum RK3188 Tablet Specs and Price

Archos company has to disclose their tablet device name Archos 80b Platinum RK3188. The Archos 80b Platinum RK3188 tablet comes with IPS screen size of 8 inches and an intensity of 1024 x 768, 8GB of internal memory and it can be increased using microSD, 0.3MP of front camera and 2MP of Back Camera, 2GB of RAM, Android 4.2 operating system or the JellyBean and Cortex-A9 processor quadruple cores and processor graphics Mali-400.
The Device is available for  $ 200 of price in U.S.A

New Android 4.1.1 (Release2) update for Sony Xperia Tablet S

Today Sony has announced that the Sony Xperia Tablet S has Received  new update for it's platform . The new  Xperia Tablet S update is Android 4.1.1 (Release2) and it will resolves an issue where the clock is unable to sync correctly. Other changes includes improvements to the sweep window of the camera app and playback of Video Unlimited content. The update size is about 431MB and should be available to download now.We are waiting for the availability of this update impatiently .
Android 4.1.1 (Release2) update

Android 4.1.1 (Release2) update

New and Old firmware compared
Android 4.1.1 (Release2) update
Source :Xperiablog

Sunday, August 18, 2013

kill switch coming to the Samsung smartphones in Korea

If you lose a smart phone to be released in the future the ability to prevent writing any lock 'kill switch' (Kill Switch) is introduced. Division of creating the future with the same information, including the 'mobile phone fraud damage prevention Comprehensive Plan presented to the 13th was the first half of next year, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics to the new smartphone to be released in the country equipped with a kill switch is. Smartphone is lost or stolen overseas, and leakage of personal information, such as smuggling occurs due to jochida. Your cell phone if lost or stolen, remotely operated kill switch becomes impossible to use the mobile phone. You can not initialize the device is stolen will also be obsolete. Pantech change the auto-lock USIM last February, the introduction of remote kill switch that can be deleted and the next position, navigation path and plans to add tracking service. kill switch you do not have an existing smart phone as a remote control for the use of others, primarily to limit, to prevent disclosure of personal information as service providers to discuss expanding services, lock app will spread.

How to export iPhone contacts to iCloud ?

We know that the contacts on our phones is very dear to us, and today, let me point out a number of steps that will allow you to export your contacts on your phone iPhone to any account-Claude iCloud.
1.To start, open the Setting menu from your iPhone , then click on the iCloud ِapp.
2. On the iCloud app,click on Contacts and Make it On, and then choose Merge.
3. After that, just go to the  site, and login using your Apple account.
4.Click on the Contacts icon.
5. When the address book is open, press the icon in the form of the wheel is located down the right, and choose Select All, and then choose Export vCard.
6. Stay on the vCard file on your computer , now you make a backup copy of the existing contacts on your iPhone, or if you wish to be included to Google Gmail, then follow me to the next point.
7. In your Gmail account , by clicking on the list of Google which is located at the top left and Begin select Contact, to Click on the  More to see the bottom of the menu, and choose Import.
8. Now we select the vCard file from your computer and Click on lifting the Upload button.
9. Now, you can watch the iphone contacts in the sub-section of your Gmail contacts list, you will be arranged according to the date of choice, you can add them with a pre-existing contacts in order to avoid duplication, or saved in a separate file.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The best laptops in 2013 and the upcoming laptops in 2014

Among the things that you are focusing on it this year is to buy a new laptop and, of course, to learn what is the best Laptop available in the current market in 2013 we will offering  you the best laptops in world in 2013 and we will offering too the best upcoming laptops in 2014 year.
upcoming laptops
1.Apple MacBook Air 2013 in 11 and 13 inches
MacBook Air 2013

IF you Were Looking For A light Laptop With an Amazing Battery So Certainly Macbook Air Laptop 2013 is The Best Choice whether you Wanted it With Size 11 Or 13 inch , Both With the New Processor Intel fourth-generation which Known With Haswell and 11 inch Copy inch Gives U 9 Hours While 13 inch Copy Gives U 12 Hours As Both Of them with  Quality manufacturing of aluminum and the back light keyboard and the mouse large in size and in autumn The Accountants will Have Os X Mavericks System.
2.Acer Aspire M5-583P-6428
Acer Aspire
Acer Aspire M5-583P-6428 Laptop features a quality manufacturing excellent aluminum as well as keyboard with back light and battery are excellent and will cost $ 699 dollars and you will also get a screen measuring at 15.6-inch-touch and processor dual-core i5-4200U fast 1.6 GHz Mmini fourth generation of the Intel memory Random 8 GB and a capacity of 500 GB and the mouse has a good performance despite its odd little battery can withstand to 9 hours.
3.Lenovo  Yoga 11S
Lenovo  Yoga 11S
Costs U.S. $ 999 of price and the battery lasts approximately 6 hours

4.Samsung Chromebook Series 3
Samsung Chromebook Series 3
Cheap price:  $ 249 only
5.ASUS X550CA-DB31
ASUS X550CA-DB31 Laptop will costs you  $ 500 only which fits a large number of students, where you will be presented Windows system eighth processor, the third generation of Intel Intel Core i3 and memory Random 4 GB of RAM and 500GB Unfortunately, the battery can only hold out to 4 hours but remember that the attractive price..

6.Dell Latitude 3330
Dell Latitude 3330
Dell Latitude 3330 Laptop will costs you :U.S. $ 539 only
7.Sony VAIO Pro 13
Sony VAIO Pro 13
8.MSI GT70 2013
MSI GT70 2013
9.Toshiba Satellite P55t-A5202
Toshiba Satellite P55t-A5202
10.HP g6t-2000
HP g6t-2000

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The Cheapest Games and apps on AppStore in 2013/2014

We will try to offers you the most important Apps and Games in 2013 and 2014 For iphone ,ipad and ipod ,you can download it for free or by buy some of it ,Let us become acquainted with the package .

1.Plants vs. Zombies 2

Evaluate the game: 4.5 from 5.0
Download the game from here
Compatible with iPhone, iPad

2.IQ Mission
2.IQ Mission

Download the game from here
Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Game Rating: 3 out of 5
Download the game from here
Compatible with iPhone, iPad

4.Doodle Fit 2: Around the World
Game Rating: 4 of 5
Download the game from here
Compatible with iPhone, iPad

5.Bad Piggies

Genre: Adventure, intelligent

Age group: 4 +

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Click here to download: iPhone and iPod  - iPad

Blueprint 3D

Type: intelligent

Age group: 4 +

Rating: 4 out of 5

Click here to download: iPhone and iPod  -  iPad

6.Real Pool 3D

Type: athlete, Bllardoa

Age group: 4 +

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Click here to download: iPhone, iPod and iPad


Genre: Action Adventure

Age group: 4 +

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Click here to download:  iPhone, iPod and iPad

1.Smart Office 2
Useful to run Office files free for a limited period
Compatible with iPhone, iPad
Download the App from here
2.Counting Bees
Counting Bees
Educational Entertainment style distinctive way free today only
Compatible with iPhone, iPad
Download the App from here
3.Adobe Ideas – Vector drawing and illustration
You can say The miniature Photoshop 
Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad
Download the App from here
Beautiful application to manage your money
Compatible with iPhone, iPad
Download the App from here
5.Video Transfer Plus
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Click here to download


Rating: 3 out of 5
Click here to download
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Click here to download

Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Click here to download
9.FX Photo Studio HD
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Click here to download
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Download WeChat Version 4.5.1For PC and Android and ios for free

WeChat program is one of the best programs and chat applications worldwide. Through the WeChat program You can:
  1. Send and Receive Free texting, voice messages, and video calls in your pocket. 300 million people love WeChat because it's fast, reliable, private, and always on.
  2. Talk faster on the go with voice messages
  3. Crystal clear voice and video calls
  4. Instant messaging with group chats and animated smileys
  5. Chat with your friends or with people nearby
  6. Sending photos and videos has never been simpler
  7. Real walkie talkie mode with up to 40 friends
  8. Always on, no logouts, never miss a message
  9. Get message alerts instantly with push notifications
  10. Share, like, and comment on photos with your friends
  11. Import contacts and add friends instantly
  12. Available on Android and all other smartphones, all for free
  13. WeChat works over your phone's existing data plan or any WiFi connection.
WeChat Image and icon
WeChat App Screeshot

Official website of the program
The program is free.
Download For:
  1. Computer from here
  2. Android from here
  3. iPhone from here
  4. BlackBerry from here
  5. Windows iPhone from here
  6. Nokia Symbian from here
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Why Android?!

In 2013 Android captured 70% of the phones in Europe. And then rolled astronomical numbers so Android came to realize approximately 1.5 million devices activated daily and this means that by 2013 we will have more than a billion Android phone enabled. Not only did that, but that Android yet another statistic proves that 80% of phones around the world are running Android. Of course, all of these numbers demonstrate explicitly that Android is controlled and almost entirely on the reins of the competition, the talk about a system dominated by 80% on the phone market sold, and the rest is only 20% of the  iOS system and Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 and FireFox OS and Asha system  and Symbian and other regulations, it is certainly a huge number, proves the dominance of Android on the rest of the systems, but do these figures mean that the entire system and lacks nothing, or it is impossible to defeat?
The user is the basis for success:
Everything depends its success on the large number of users, when we talk about the Android system - which is the focus of our conversation - we find that success is caused by the large number of users, and we talk about other things as examples, Let YouTube application, no one also deny the success of YouTube, I think that everyone of us is not free day of surfing YouTube clips, but also take the iPhone as another example,Google search engine too, and we have the windows system, and there are of course many things you will find that searched. Let us return to the Android system , surely Android is more user system is by far and vast for the rest, but that does not mean that Android full by all standards, once put specific matters do not exist in the rest of the systems at the same time interest to the user and assist in the use of the system as he wants to get you the access key. This is what happened it Android, but ...
How to bring the user?
In 2007 the iPhone was released , however that there are a lot of smart phones before the iPhone, but it was the most widespread and best-selling, and the reason for the success of the iPhone in addition to the name of a company the size of Apple resonate widely Val iPhone is McCann wishes of the user at the time. The Windows mobile system quality is not the current system of Windows phone 8 and this is something that make iPhone users are attracted to the system because it provided stable, simple and practical at the same time. IPhone is still controlled until 2010, specifically after the Galaxy S, I do not deny that the phones at the time were pretty even in 2010, HTC was already offering excellent phones, but are not the primary factor is the user. But after the release of Samsung Galaxy S was a leap to Android, but why? I do not say that the Galaxy S was a leap through the specifications, but Samsung knew the market situation at the time,then it 
take advantage of things that are not present in the iPhone 4 and abundance in the phone Galaxy S, the most important is the price, the user usually sees the performance of the Galaxy S compared Pal iPhone lucrative deal, and this McCann also reduces HTC. There are also several other reasons why the Galaxy S leap for Android phones which is marketing, The Samsung focused marketing differently, yes, is not up to the current level of marketing, but it was better than HTC in this area. After the phone Galaxy SII to transfer that Samsung entered the telephone strong on the contrary Galaxy S and yet offers excellent performance, for marketing in the phone Galaxy SII was already leap wide range of Galaxy S, do not forget the System Agent for the success of the phone, I can say it is an equation, with the Galaxy SII phone  spread Android, with the android phone has spread Galaxy SII. But the success of income-based phone? Android by the Galaxy S it provides the user's needs, but it is not available, who publishes a phone system, it must be a strong Hardware and at the same time must reach the idea that you have to do with phone MATRADE people through advertising. Most ads focused on the phone and not on the system but with the acquisition of the phone, users knew that the phone already has an excellent system, Most users want Android because it provides the user with liberty and the same process in use, the system of the iOS was not the flexibility that characterized the system Android.
With the Android system provider was to the user but lacks the phone, which provides hardware and strong company that will be able to deliver Android excellent reputation.
Google is a platform for launching applications projects
How did the Engadget site and how they arrived to the article you are reading right now? The answer collectively by the Google search engine. Google has a platform of applications associated with each project that will help to continue. Many of us have an e-mail from Gmail, though it will be your YouTube account, and you have an account in Google+ - but were not used by - and your YouTube will be linked to your account on Google+, I want to say that all the applications Google associated with your Gmail, even system Android, Vhsapk in a phone Android is your Gmail account and therefore all things in the phone will be synchronized with your account by your Gmail account and you can browse on your account whatever of his regime, and therefore the use of Android will be linked to that you have an account in Gmail or not, and usually will you have a Gmail account. But Maalaqh in Google projects including Android? That you have something that already exists and to use the thing associated with this thing that you have, this will save a lot of time. You own account and not the phone and this McCann provided by Android, suppose you moved from one Android phone to another, is that you're a new person? But you're not the same old person as long as your account on your new and old, and this will provide regain some of your files, contacts, and applications that you've purchased from the store as well as the images that you have already lifting on Google+ and a lot of things. I do not say that Android is the only one that has this feature, but that the system of Windows phone also possessed, Vhatvk will be Mterbt platform Xbox owned - if I owned actually - and will also be linked system of windows on your computer, as well as files and data in the office will be Mrepettth account in the Sky Drive either on your phone or computer. But when we come to system iOS as an example, we find that the phone the iPhone is linked to your account in itunes but it will not have the full features, if not your computer running Mac OS and therefore we can not be likened Apple Backlinks or Microsoft as the platform of applications embody as a base to launch projects that usually do not fail, because it is linked with the rest of the company's applications.
Developer moving to system users

When we talk about an important aspect which side applications, we find that Android is a more regulations that will attract developers, not because the development environment in Android is the best, not because the system Android gives full Ahkiet developer, but when you talk about the system accounts for approximately 80% of phones This is what dreams applications developer, and this is what helped to improve the Google play store recently. Developer Platform Android may suffer from the problem is that the application is not encrypted, which means that it is easy to copy applications paid and downloaded free of charge or sold at a cheaper price, and this is may bother the developer a lot Unfortunately that version Android 4.1 was supposed to be encrypted applications, But Google has declined in the last minute. Conclusion that the Android system is not the best in terms of the development environment, but what made Google play succeeds in that it provides ease of application deployment and speed of arrival of the store, and the main factor is the users. If we have noted in the past that the developer usually depends on the development of programs to fit the system Android 2.3 or higher, because the Android 2.3 system is the most widely used in that period, but with the above system Android 4.1 in terms of number of users, has become more developers to develop applications to fit the Android system 4.1 and the greed In the multitude of users, and also improve the development environment in the latest versions of Android.
So you can own your Private Android!
Android system is a open-source systems, in the sense that you can access the system files and modify them as you like. In addition to the system of the Android system is free, which means that any company soon have a phone full but lacks Software  an use Android as a strong and at the same time free, this is not, but also that you can amendment on the system whatever you want and create a system for building a system Android , as is the case with the CyanogenMod team AOKP team also, and there are a lot of people who build Their own system Roms based on Android. But how it helped on the success of Android? Large companies aspire to be distinctive, as well as Samsung, HTC, LG and others, when the system to have the amendment ore it so unique and make it as is Android name, but in terms of the interface and features is its special character. This is on large companies, but what about small businesses? I can say that a large percentage of small businesses are moving to Android because the system is free, which means they only buy pieces of the Interior and designs phone and system is Android and usually small companies trying to build a strong phone and at the lowest cost and at the same time cheap. Which means that the system is free and adjustable is attracting companies, whether large or emerging companies.
Android system is a battleground where success is difficult to access, but that has reached you more successful.

HTC and Samsung, LG, Huawei and ZTE Sony and OPPO and ..... I can not mention all the manufacturers on the system Android, but nevertheless the Beneficiary biggest one is the Samsung, I can not deny that the Android system Excellent is the best road from my point of view, but when we talk about the success rate of each company in the Android system very little even if the company offering the best products Samsung itself! Do not forget that Nokia interpreted the direction of the Windows phone 8 and leave the Android is the fear of the dominance of Samsung system Android, I do not deny that Nokia offers a masterpiece system, Windows phone 8, as well as HTC are other no less, but when we talk about the issue of profits, P Nokia is superior to the second reason is not entered in the yard where the company controls almost entirely Samsung. I liken Android as a way long, innervate walk it and full of contestants, and at the end of a giant monster that defeated can get a treasure! Analogy somewhat reminds me of games but nevertheless I think it is very appropriate to system like Android. In all, the experience of access to the Android system is open to all but getting to the end of the road is very difficult.
Where to Android?

Per the beginning of the end. Kodak was the number one company in the field of cameras and in 2012 ended up for the sale of their own patents. I really do not find it odd that end Android within five years, but at the same time may continue for a longer period if there is no system that provides what provided by Android to the user, and not only that it provides what is missing system Android, as a strong security non-penetrating and without do without flexibility of the system, it is possible and strike a Linux system as an example. Also said that the system provides a safe and shop observer immune from malicious applications, which may disturb the normal user in the Android system. The system was attractive to all users at the same time attract software developers not only because the system has a tremendous amount of users, but in addition to this is an excellent system as a developmental environment. The future of Android might imagine some bright full In addition enhancements, but use thought of things that decrease the Android system are a few somewhat, and that the addition of any new feature in Android is not as easy as imagined other, administration system constitutes 80% of the mobile world may be difficult Any simple mistake could lead Android to the landing. So I think that Google planning in the next stage may be simple things to improve the system.