Monday, August 19, 2013

YouTube App update August 19, 2013 For Android

Today The YouTube application on the Android OS has been updated , and we see a renovation made ​​significant improvements and wonderful at the same time and the first and most prominent thing you notice is the property management tasks within YouTube where you can pull the video that you see to the bottom to be in the form of a window so that you can browse YouTube while watching video on a window or dragto the left to get rid of it or you can drag it from the bottom to the top to watch another video, as you can now search through the list of playlists, as well as improvements for YouTube Chromecast service and repair of previous problems with significant improvements in the application interface update is now available and I recommend it.You can Download it From here
August 19, 2013-youtube
August 19, 2013-youtube

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