Monday, August 12, 2013

Trend Micro: increasing electronic threats on the Android system

Android will suffer again with malware, but this time with high risks facing the Android platform when you do online banking, because typically the "malware", that's not me of course, but the US security report for the second quarter of 2013, and the Security Panel of the trend micro – security solutions for the Internet — with the risk profiling analyses to occur over the coming months.

The report said the number of malicious applications with high risks and to Google platform has risen, to 718 in the second quarter, as trend micro increased dramatically from 509,000 high-risk application have been monitored in the previous quarter, revealing the pirate and targeting hackers for Android directly at the time of its user base has widened with the lack of attention to safety and protection.
The company anticipates that this number will rise above that up to 1 million malicious application by the end of this year, when compared, these malware for a decade to reach such figures.
On the other hand, said Linda barabi-Research Director in the Department of information relating to NPD Group – there were "around 30 percent of Android devices in the United States contain a form of applications for protection", which is a trend micro warned, along with problems related to networking in Android, which increases the vulnerability of large number of Android devices to these risks.
Said j. Cherie Dubai – Vice President of technologies and solutions micro-ltrind "difficult to access patches code to all Android users in an effective" frame "as the real threat will continue to grow rapidly to receive the protection of mobile devices with the same amount of attention given to the protection of personal computers, because the growth in malware has almost double acceleration seems to be we are approaching the danger to the sustainable growth of this phenomenon."
Back to the report's findings, which trend micro warned of increased dangers lurking also online banking, with malware on the increase of 29% from the previous quarter, from 113 to 146 thousand of software.
The United States was the lion's share of those malicious applications with more than a million fierce attack, 28% of Bank attacks worldwide, followed by Brazil and Australia by 22% and 5% respectively, with taking more preventive measures such as surveillance of bank accounts syndrome, use of third-party security solutions; to reduce this threat.
Finally, trend micro report that methods of selling development tools malware have been strengthened recently, especially as they are inexpensive ways, through pricing methods are almost free of charge, to increase the threat to Internet users during the remainder of the year 2013 and subsequent years.

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