Sunday, August 18, 2013

kill switch coming to the Samsung smartphones in Korea

If you lose a smart phone to be released in the future the ability to prevent writing any lock 'kill switch' (Kill Switch) is introduced. Division of creating the future with the same information, including the 'mobile phone fraud damage prevention Comprehensive Plan presented to the 13th was the first half of next year, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics to the new smartphone to be released in the country equipped with a kill switch is. Smartphone is lost or stolen overseas, and leakage of personal information, such as smuggling occurs due to jochida. Your cell phone if lost or stolen, remotely operated kill switch becomes impossible to use the mobile phone. You can not initialize the device is stolen will also be obsolete. Pantech change the auto-lock USIM last February, the introduction of remote kill switch that can be deleted and the next position, navigation path and plans to add tracking service. kill switch you do not have an existing smart phone as a remote control for the use of others, primarily to limit, to prevent disclosure of personal information as service providers to discuss expanding services, lock app will spread.

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