Friday, May 3, 2013

The new Motorola X Phone pictures and information leaked

 Motorola's upcoming flagship Android device, the X Phone, has been rumored quite heavily since we first heard of it last year; the device will be the first true product of the Google-Motorola buyout, and will go head to head with other high-end devices such as the Sony > Xperia Z<, >HTC< One and Samsung >Galaxy S4<. Thanks to reliable phone leaker EvLeaks and some additional information from PhoneArena, we're getting a better picture of what the X Phone will be like.
>Photos of the X Phone 

released by EvLeaks show a prototype device concealed within a
non-disclosure case, which PhoneArena has "confirmation" are "the real deal". The pictures of the front clearly show the device running stock Android, which isn't surprising since Google now own Motorola X Phone, however the Motorola (M)  logo above the display of  X Phone will likely not feature on the final device, according to Phone Arena's sources.

As for the technical specifications
mentioned about this device X Phone  is that it will carry precisely 1080p display is expected to be a 4.7-inch and comes with 32 GB storage memory and 2 gigabytes of RAM.
The device will work on Tegra 4 processor from NVIDIA, but it may change what happens in the future and get on Qualcomm processors as had an earlier collaboration on the development of its processors in Motorola phones.
And infusion striking that the device will be available in a choice of 20 colors, and is expected to be disclosed in early July.

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