Thursday, May 9, 2013

Samsung Galaxy s 4 proves that it is a extraordinary descriptions

Access to the Summit is difficult but maintain this is ranked the most difficult certainly, Samsung giant that has swept the world with their inventions and innovations distinguished still sitting on the throne, one of those innovations, particularly in the areas of communication, that the Samsung Galaxy s (Samsung galaxy s4) and the recently released modern version, the mobile extension of the Galaxy series that began in the intense competition between them and Apple Inc. (Apple) invented (I phone) where competition is tough in the first and second editions But the third issue started happening mutation does not believe her mind has increased the gap between him and other companies heavily marked and knocked off Samsung on the throne of the largest producers of mobile devices, smartphones, and the reason that the top of the company is the cooperation between them and the world that Google shares with strong and effective operating system Android (Android).

Everyone predicted that the new version of Galaxy s 4 (Samsung galaxy s4) will knock them out with great mobile production companies because its features outside not only as potential programs but as possibilities to configure the internal organs, the company introduced the new apparatus that carries unprecedented new technology at other companies who are competing against the most important superhero feature is the screen and made sure the company view some screen features a new technology called Walt bear (Gorilla Glass) this technology is creating an effective product, private as well as 4 (Samsung Galaxy Galaxy s4), and the advantages of this technique it is resistant to scratches and sharp instruments and effectively and that this feature adds strength and durability for mobile Galaxy s 4 (Samsung galaxy s4), which became the first right in the world.

One of the buyers of the new mobile (Samsung galaxy s4) had not been convinced by these advertisements and bought a device from the market and wanted to make sure of the sincerity of the new technique (Gorilla Glass) and filmed this experience on the Exchange site videos (You tube) and tools used in the experiment were as follows: mobile Galaxy s 4 (Samsung galaxy s4) as well as three types of sharp knives and the Publisher, keys and coin metal , The experimenter using knives first tries to injure the screen that shows no sign of her, but she is not affected by, and tries to stab the saw but did not succeed in harming mobile tries keys that shiver of them and is not affected by mobile, even the coins does not yield the success with the screen, actually no supernatural spirits in mobile.

Recently put forward a new version of (Samsung galaxy s4) in the Middle East, where many began to register their names to buy it as the company announced its new features such as: download the new operating system from Google Android 4.2 jelly between, with a weight of up to 130 grams, and the size of the screen up to 4, 99 inch any equivalent 12.67, and force up to Full HD screen , And RAM up to 2 GB, as well as for external camera up to 13 MB and another forward up to 2 MB, WiFi and Bluetooth and GPRS as well as many strong and distinctive features in this new version of Galaxy s 4 (Samsung galaxy s4).

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