Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Intel May be make processor for samsung Galaxy tab 3 10.1 screen

A while ago we heard on the new Tablet PC Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 which Samsung plans to launch it within a series of tablet to transform it. Another showed records of performance measurement of applied GFXBench and AnTuTu that the delay in launching the device caused by Samsung's Tablet processing with the latest Intel processor.

Although the application of measuring performance records Antutu bench did not give many details, but he said a 1.6 GHz processor, in both measurement indices shows computer model number GT-P5200; where the previous Galaxy Tab Tablet PC 2 10.1 carries the model number GT-P5100.

The computer is expected to come in the new Intel processor, the new Clovertrail instead of Samsung Exynos processor which will be Tablet, depending on GFXBench records.

According to previous leaks, the Galaxy Tab 3 will screen 10.1 10.1 inch and a resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels with 1 GB of RAM memory and a battery with a capacity of 7000 milliamps and 16 GB of internal storage space.

To correct these performance benchmarks, Intel has a great opportunity to enter the market for tablets that have not succeeded in achieving a strong presence, particularly in the case of the Samsung controlling the smart device market by offering computers with Intel processors.

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