Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nokia says it will accomplish an important advertisement in Canada on May 15th

On May 14th, Nokia will be hosting an accident in London to acquaint the Nokia Lumia 928 and absolutely possibly the Nokia Lumia 925. The closing is believed to be the all-embracing adaptation of the oft-rumored Nokia Lumia Catwalk. It is additionally hoped that the Nokia Lumia EOS is introduced. This is the Windows Phone adaptation of the Symbian flavored Nokia 808 PureView with a 41MP rear-facing camera.

Is Nokia Music actuality alien in Canada on May 15th?
While the 14th of this ages is important for Nokia, the fun continues the abutting day. Nokia Canada has beatific out invitations to an "exclusive agreeable experience" for May 15th, with Canadian agreeable figure Alan Cross. Considering that the blow of the allurement deals with music, "Join us as we analyze the 'next affiliate of music analysis in Canada' with an important announcement," it reads, this could be the addition of Nokia Music in the country.
Nokia is demography advantage of the acting abeyance amid the barrage of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the actualization of whatever Apple has up its sleeve, to get the abounding absorption of the smartphone affairs public. Whatever Nokia unwraps on May 14th and 15th is abiding to get boundless media attention. 

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