Saturday, May 11, 2013

Phoenix 1 a bird robot to maintain security within universities

Events clash in some Egyptian universities, including the University of Mansoura, a red light and whistle warning, a group of students of Department of computer engineering and systems engineering, and work to provide a secure environment on campus, to become their idea for project graduation is the production of a robot bird can be controlled remotely, can portray events, to start another phase of processing information to parties and rapid intervention to stop crimes before they develop, under the supervision of Dr. Abdul Hamid Ibrahim Fawzi, a teacher in engineering Mansoura University information systems.

Says Dr. Abdel Hameed Ibrahim: the events in the University, the country's security situation prompted us to find a way to maintain security, you can help the security services to deal with emergencies, such as entering an unknown car to campus, or persons acts contrary to the law through the creation of means can intervenes quickly, with remote control, direct it to portray the events to begin a new phase of work to help security forces track down the perpetrators.

Ibrahim adds exclusives for «Egyptian»: we started thinking about creating a flying robot equipped with a camera, we can redirect to places of events, using imaging techniques to clarify car number, or person involved in events, and fly to a suitable height is allowed to take photos clearly without exposure to damage.

And that the subject of his PhD with modern techniques in image processing, Dr. Abdul Hamid Ibrahim with 6 students to provide technology for image processing, and information can facilitate the task of the security forces, Talat Maher Mohamed Attia, basant, Abdullah alkalash, Mohamed Eid, Sarah good. Says Ibrahim: we scan for flight departments in Egyptian universities and foreign to the land of Egypt, and followed the drone pilots in Egypt, we discussed the shortcomings to be avoided, most notably as a problem in their system, unbalance, do not carry cameras, and here we thought the flying robot equipped with a camera, with poise, factors to transfer live picture of events to be processed accurately, and provide advanced capabilities in monitoring and tracking.

Team members could develop unmanned plane, dubbed "Phoenix 1" of innovation programs, represent the bulk of the cost of the project, as the project manager, but they don't compare with the size of the actual cost in the market, as they can assemble the parts pilot of motors, batteries and remote control «remote», low cost 3-4 thousand pounds, with advanced image processing techniques, all under the banner of the Panel was not lifted one controls us, which won the admiration of Dr. Mr. Anand, The University President, and the participants in the first scientific conference on research and innovation for university students, which was held recently.

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