Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A User left case against Apple because the power button on iPhone 4

One of Apple iPhone device users the widescreen citation, accusing Apple had sold iPhones 4, defects in the industry to close the phone button or the power.
Ms. Deborah Hilton – Debra Hilton in California, called in its call to thousands of telephone users was I prepare them for holidays in this button, and after a year in which the phone under warranty. Which might make the phone worthless. Deborah says that Apple knew this and in its own with this defect.

The defect in the power-button according to the prosecution-was causing obstruction of the opening and closing of the phone or restart. It was assigned the user the equivalent of US $ 149.99 to repair after the warranty period.
Deborah argument was based on the numerous complaints on Apple's official Forum of users about the same problem. This Apple has not issued any comment on the issue.

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