Thursday, May 23, 2013

The strangest covers for your iPhone5 in world

To maintain your iPhone 5 , with a touch of fun in and out of the ordinary.
The   iPhone 5 has hundreds of dollars, is inviting you to maintain it, but instead of owning a traditional cover you can delinquency little crazy with these designs.

1 - When you see this cover may initially u think a classic book or an old dictionary for a language, but it is only a cover for   "iPhone" and looks very idea of ​​authenticity.


2 - If you prefer an elegant and useful cover, it suits this cover, who also works agency calculator.

3 - If you're nostalgic for years to the eighties and the era in which it was carrying the huge radio youth over their shoulders, Senaspk this cover but, of course, will not carry over the shoulder.


4 - painters and lovers paintings Sajbhm of this cover is divided into squares of different colors surrounding a feather fee.

5 - cover is useful if you do a lot of soft drinks, or that you need a key to disarm the cover.

6 - Do you miss mobile "Nokia" old? If you are of them, this will activate you cover a lot of memories.

7 - Many of us was using the Game Boy in the childhood years, some companies decided to cover innovation mentions this generation these days. 
8 - the cover of a festive nature come out of it the green light, and fits the phone "iPhone".

 9 - cover for lovers of sweets, especially cake pieces, may cause hunger to one of them, but the idea will attract many.

10 - Cover Good if you want to make your phone disguised camera.

What do you think of these covers??

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