Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New LG Optimus G smartphone in the end of May

In the end of may  LG has a big advertisement to accomplish and May 30 is back we'll apprentice what it's all about! What you see actuality is a columnist allurement that the Korean aggregation is now sending, with a account of what appears to be a smartphone looked at from the side. Yeah, there's a butterfly addition afraid out of it as well, apparently placed there to accomplish the allurement attending prettier. Or could it absolutely be interpreted as a adumbration of some kind?

The bright detail apparent aloft may advertise that LG will acquaint some next-gen awning technology, according to speculations. The aggregation has been afresh aggravating to advance the IPS-LCD screens acclimated in its smartphones, so that anticipation isn't absolutely as agrarian as it seems.
As for the smartphone apparent in the invitation, it architecture elements admonish us of the LG Optimus G Pro, although it could be a new, visually agnate model. The accounted LG Optimus G2, perhaps? Or will it be this abstruse LG smartphone that leaked not continued ago? We can alone guess. All we apperceive is that the buzz apprenticed to be apparent at the accident will be a affiliate of the LG Optimus G series, appointed to barrage in Asian markets first. That aftermost detail there ability explain why the advertisement will booty abode in Macau.
What do you, guys, think? What will LG advertise on May 30? Let us apperceive bottomward in the comments!

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