Monday, May 27, 2013

What Should you do if your phone fell in water ?

This is some  of steps that you should undertake if your phone fell in the water or tea 

to avoid doing other things, will lead to the destruction of your phone follow the following steps ....
1. Do not try to run the phone to know if it works or not, this is the main reason for the destruction of your phone, what you have to do is scan your phone and try to dry the water.
2. If you can remove the back cover of the phone to remove the battery do so and if you can not no problem.
3. Take the phone and the battery and put them in a bowl of rice and close the container and leave it like this, and this is not the best way to dry the phone but rice has a high strength in the absorption of water and is available at any time.
4. Leave the phone on this case for 24 hours and then remove the phone battery .mode again and turn it.
5. Then there are two possibilities: either the device works, but if you do not see anything on the screen do change this screen and less losses The other possibility could be that the device does not work, what you need to do is take it to the nearest place specializes in repairing phones.
☻ Show This video illustrates:

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