Friday, May 10, 2013

Big 5 defects in samsung galaxy s4

Defects of samsung Galaxy s 4
The phone is still beautiful, and the capabilities of Android. But it really is a phone «Galaxy s 3».
1. large size in relatively good hands to display maps and movies but it's lousy for small hands.
2. still manufactured from lightweight plastic that can be constipation, arrested, but not the iPhone's elegance, or metal used in phone «HTC». And if you carry one, nobody will notice you acquired Office latest and greatest.
3. large screen = greater loss in kata battery
4. obviously meant to be translated as well as application for the comprehensive translation science fiction, it is enough to print, or even speak a language of the phone display, or speak another language translation, translation page like Google. But the phone transforms words into amazing, this mixture before attempting translation.
5. do not operate the speech recognition features only in certain applications

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