Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sony Honami system dump reveals new UI and imaging specs

a few days ago the system dump for Sony’s new flagship, codenamed Honami, was leaked. The leak came from a Canadian carrier device with model number C6906. We can’t say for sure that the C6906 model number definitely relates to Honami, but if it’s not then it is another device in the same generation. Well, as you can guess, it didn’t take too long for the system dump to be analysed in detail and reveal a number of hidden secrets about the handset.
First of all:a number of strings in the build.prop have revealed some key specs for the handset. This includes :
Snapdragon 800 chipset, the ability to capture 20MP photos (resolution of 5248 x 3936) with a new Super Resolution algorithm set and record video at 4K (4000 x 2000) with aspect ratio of 2:1. Other camera features include ISO up to 12800 as well as a Steadyshot mode.
Other new imaging features includes Timeshift burst (glorified burst mode) which allows you to shift back and forth in time to enjoy and share the best moment. Sony has also created a camera API allowing the ability to add functions to the camera app called “Xperia camera add-ons”. Additionally, see some new camera icons below (from left to right): Bokeh, Info-eye, Manual, Socialcast, Timeshift and Effect mode.

Sony ‘Honami’ system dump reveals new UI and imaging specs (20MP camera, 4K video)

Sony is also planning to release a new Augmented Reality app, with some screenshots mode. The third picture shows a number of different Augmented Reality modes.

A new app is Info-eye, the visual search app based on kooaba. The Info Eye app will have a new UX for Sony Xperia devices. We imagine this is something similar to Nokia’s HERE City Lens app, giving you information about the places you visit and the objects around you. Tap the question mark icon for capture tips. This is the app that was seen in yesterday’s Honami render leak.

Music Unlimited integration in Walkman has been a long requested feature and it looks like this will be included too.

The icing on the cake is that along with all of the above new features, Honami will also come with a new user interface. See some of the images below which show the new launcher, app tray, Walkman app and new apps for clock, album, conversations, phonebook, settings, calendar. A new version of Small Apps allows you to place multiple apps in the screen at once.



Source :Xperiablog Via xda-developers.

Download the new Facebook Beta app for Windows phone for free

The new version of the Best social network Facebook for windowsphone  Phones is available exclusively through the official website of Microsoft, and users can access their friends and share their images easily.
The new version of the Facebook application is still in beta phase and is available for download to all users of Windows phone 8 and carries the version number
Unfortunately, the new version of the application does not have a record of the changes this version or even new features that have been incorporated.
However, this is most likely a minor update compared to the previous version, so there are some your patches straight and improvements and minor things.
Though the application is not in the final phase, you may find some issues that may affect your experience with the application.
Screenshots of Facebook beta app:

Screenshots of Facebook beta appScreenshots of Facebook beta appScreenshots of Facebook beta appScreenshots of Facebook beta appScreenshots of Facebook beta appScreenshots of Facebook beta appScreenshots of Facebook beta appScreenshots of Facebook beta app

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Nokia lumia 928 now with $99 only

Lumia phones Series  from the ancient company Nokia is considered the most prominent products so far, which works with the operating platform and Windows Phone from Maekerosvet and today it was announced the release of version 928 of the lumia serlies  through shop Amazon on the Web, which can take advantage of network services Verizon worth $ 90 altogether.

And to take advantage of this offer will have to wanting to get this offer recording a two-year contract with Verizon, also the users  can get on the phone with free contract for $ 499, which can be identified more details about it through this page.

It is worth mentioning about the specifications of the phone is the screen PureMotion HD + OLED size of 4.5 inches and bilateral nuclei processor at 1.5 GHz.

Also the phone offers PureView camera with 8.7 mega pixel camera specifications in addition to another forehand with the possibility of video calls, 1GB of RAM and an internal storage capacity of up to 32 GB, a powerful 2000 mAh battery can work up to 13 hours during continuous contact.

Apple will changing the design of its logo for the first time because of iPhone 5S

Do you change Apple's famous logo design some thing?. This is the question being asked himself, after the image that was leaked from famous Letemsvetemapplem site leaks Apple. The beginning of her anticipated iPhone 5s.

The logo design change - according to the site - the beginning of the integration of Apple's new home button and the other who comes for the first time for Apple phones. The site says: "This significant change will be prepared, where the icon will be replaced by the usual basic, another larger and more" brighter ". And the description that has been accepted is precisely the "incandescent".
He says Altfna analyst Brownlee that Apple's change of where to place the logo as well, rugby may come from Apple in its place more visible to others, to show them, while the user holds one of Apple's devices. It is what they need company. Where Apple does not seem signs deals in obvious places while holding users.
This comes at a time when the company is preparing to announce her and the new system in September of this year.

NeverWet make everything owned Waterproof

The Ross Nanotechnology developed a product called the Rust-Oleum NeverWet where can this product that resists water and fluids, it is designed so that it represents a barrier superhydrophobic (resists water so that the water drops do not disintegrate on impact with) where he at his feet any liquids it be a barrier causing the poolin the form of liquid droplets to drift from the surface without that adheres to it and this phenomenon is called Lotus effect.
Product in the original words of two cans by the first liquid is sprayed as a basic class on what you want to protect and sprinkle the second layer above it to be a barrier against any liquid.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nokia Spain says to expect Amber update in August

Today we saw a tweet from Nokia Spain reveals that the Amber update for Windows Phone 8 models is coming in August. This bundles the GDR2 update coming from Microsoft with a second one. The bottom line is that the Amber update will unlock the FM tuner, bring Datasense to the handsets, and improve the Music Hub to make it easier to select and download a tune from Xbox music.(
There also will be improvements made to the camera along with the addition of Symbian-like features. This is already installed out of the box for those with the Nokia Lumia 925. That model is expected to be launched July 17th via T-Mobile. 

Nokia has a media event scheduled for July 11th during which the Nokia EOS is expected to be revealed, although we could hear more about the Amber update at that time. Later on this year, Microsoft will release the GDR 3 update which will allow the platform to support resolution of 1080 x 1920 on the display, and will also allow new Windows Phone 8 models to be powered by quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

source:phonearena ,@NokiaSpain, Plaffo (translated) via DailyMobile

Samsung Galaxy Memo specifications

The Sammobile site Squadron  an image and some specifications are said to phone coming from Samsung is the little brother of the Galaxy Note, The equipment carries stylus and screen 4.5 inches and accurately 1080 in 1920, and works processor quad-core speed 1.4GHz, RAM in the phone will be the size of 2GB, and for the rear camera is accurately8MP, and the system is Android 4.2.2 and Samsung interface known to the majority. Of course observed in the images that the name of a telecommunications company located at the top next to the battery icon, it notes in the Korean language, which makes me expect that the device will be released in Korea, but there is another device makes it a global version is the language used in the device, as Alah often copies Korea in the Korean language for the system but it is different here, are generally a few days, and we know if there is such a device or not.
Samsung Galaxy Memo
Samsung Galaxy Memo

No BlackBerry 10 update for BlackBerry PlayBook

Recently, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins said that the 7 inch BlackBerry PlayBook tablet would get updated to BlackBerry 10. That seemed to be a no-brainer considering that the tablet came to market powered by the QNX operating system that became the building blocks of BlackBerry 10.
 This will be a big step backward in BlackBerry's attempt to recover from years of poor business decisions made by prior management. When current CEO Thorsten Heins took over, he immediately seemed to turn around a company that really had not had solid leadership in years. The launches earlier this year of the new BlackBerry 10 models had lit a fire under the company in an attempt to make it relevant once again.
The news that the BlackBerry PlayBook will not be updated came during a conference call on Friday with analysts. Heins said during the call that his engineers were unable to get a satisfactory performance on the slate with the new OS. Earlier this year, the BlackBerry CEO predicted that the tablet market would be dead in five years. Considering the failure of BlackBerry to deliver on a promise it had made as early as March 2012, The problem isn't so much that the update cannot be done, but that it was promised to long-suffering BlackBerry PlayBook owners in the first place. After all, this is a tablet that was launched without an email or calendar client which was remarkable considering the manufacturer's reputation for the way it handles email and business applications.

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Google Executive Chairman : Eric Schmidt
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Download Battle Bears Gold 2013 game for android now for free

Description of Battle Bears Gold 2013:
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A funny and addictive class-based online multiplayer action shooter.
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Friday, June 28, 2013

The largest Smartphone in world in 2013

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra isThe largest Smartphone in world in 2013, it's official's humongous. Sony calls its 6.44-inch creation a smartphone, most people would call it a phablet because it is the largest Smartphone in world, and in reality it looks much more like a tablet than a phone. Heck, it even comes with a "handset" compact accessory to take calls.
It's hard to comprehend just how big a device with a (6.4-inch) display really is. 
The size comparison below is eye-opening - you'd see that the Xperia Z Ultra is noticeably larger than even the Mega 6.3.
The Xperia Z Ultra has one key advantage, though. It's got a razor thin body measuring just 6.5mm thick. Could that balance its humongous size? Partly, yes, but for the rest we'll leave the images below speak for themselves.
The largest,tallest,bigest Smartphone in world 2013

See now Xperia Z Ultra pictures on hand

Today The Xperia Z Ultra "C68XX" is no doubt one of the sexiest smartphones that Sony company has released. The super-slim handset adopts the Ombibalance design with a solid metal frame. If you want to see how the handset looks in the wild, then check out the pictures below.

Via Digi-Wo (1 & 2).