Saturday, June 29, 2013

Download WhosCall 2013 app to block unwanted calls and texts for free

The WhosCall 2013 App for Call Filtering and Number Management. Block unwanted calls and texts with WhosCall 2013. Plug n' Play Caller ID. Unlimited reverse lookup for FREE! Get the Whoscall 2013 experience acknowledged with over 3 million global download.
WhosCall 2013 app helps you identify calls in seconds through Intelligent Analysis, Internet Search and Community Tagging. 

No matter which kind of calls you receive: Annoying telemarketing calls, random advertisements from stores, or even malicious phone scammers, you are able to know “Who’s Calling” at a glance. Missed a call? No problem, you can check before you call back! Get rid of unwanted calls with a few simple clicks and regain your privacy. Supports both number and text blocking. 
Global Database of over 600+ million numbers, filtering over 10 million calls per day, blocking 300,000 malicious calls daily, get the best communication protection now.
Main Features of WhosCall 2013 app:
  • Instant Caller Identification, unmask unknown numbers.
  • Block unwanted calls and SMS messages, say goodbye to telemarketers and spam.
  • Plug n' Play! No need for complex setups! Option of cloud database or offline storage.
  • Global Phone database with over 600 Million entries spanning 170 countries.
  • Phone tag sharing lets you build a trusted contact with the WhosCall 2013 community.
  • Callback Widget provides you info on the latest incoming calls and call back.
WhosCall 2013 Pro can be upgraded directly within the app, opening up advanced features(Pro Version is currently only available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, United States, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. We are working hard to provide these features to other countries).
Pro version has three kinds of plans: 
  • Monthly Plan for $0.99.
  • Annual Plan for $9.99.
  • Unlimited Plan for $14.99
Call Guard Database-Top Spam Database- Constantly updated early warning list of malicious numbers with offline storage option.(Currently only available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, United States, and Japan).
Yellow Page Database (Currently only available in Taiwan)- Complete yellow pages for businesses and institutions with offline storage option.
Privacy Alert- Notification when we detect personal info leak on the web, 24/7 protection of privacy

Google Executive Chairman : Eric Schmidt
WhosCall 3013 actually tells you who's calling, and it is growing very fast in US, India, China, and Taiwan.

Business Next:
2012 Best Technology Award.

Business Week:

A prime example of Taiwanese software talents seizing their dreams and future.

2012 Asia Mobile Application Competition
Golden Awards, Best App of 2012

System requirements:
  • Android v2.1 or higher versions
  • Stable Internet access required for real-time lookup.
  • Use of battery conservation apps may cause performance issues. 
App screenshotes
Download WhosCall 2013 for free
  From :google play


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