Monday, June 17, 2013

Golden Samsung galaxy s4

The GolGenie company  manufactures copies of the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone plated with gold or platinum or pink gold after the company has previously produced copies of Apple devices gold-plated.
 The company will provides two versions of the phone, one white and the other black, a color that will appears in the device interface and background, and the price of  this version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be about 2,600 U.S. dollars, which is more than four times the original price of the phone, and certainly will be this version is open to all communication networks.
This version comes with 16 GB storage area and the rest of the specifications of the original phone, as is evident in the company's website, copies of the gold-plated Samsung Galaxy S4 have been carried out at the moment, which is available for the request.
The company offers many products, including gold-plated watches, weapons and electronic devices.
The Golden Samsung galaxy s4

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