Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Every thing about Ios 7 updates and all new features

We come to you with all developments had occurred in new Apple's operating system ios 7 which the apple developments talked about it in WWDC 2013 conference.
IOS7 operating Platform:

  • The interface of  ios 7 has Completely redesigned .
  • New screen lock of ios 7 platform.
  • New transparent appearance in shows you what's going on in the background layers.
  • Weather application and interactive performances.
  • Great ios 7 interface and very simple to apply the calendar.
  • Support multi pages inside the folders.
  • Notifications Center is now working through the screen lock .
  • Voice calls Face Time.
  • Sync notices.
  • Blocking and blocking calls and messages.
  • Enabled to disable the phone if stolen.
  • Iphone beta system is available starting today for developers.
  • Seventh operating system is coming in the fall of this yaer.
A)-Control Center: 
  • presence a scroll button to Jump to the different styles.
  • The rapid adjustment to activate flight mode, screen brightness, and the Air Drop property ....etc
  • a new ios 7 interface display applications such as cards.
  • Multitasking for all applications, while maintaining and prolonging battery life dramatically.
  • Development of applications in the background.
  • Automatic setup with the networks.

  • A New  completely design for the Safari interface in ios 7.
  • One field of research - a smart search field.
  • Support for "I Cloud Kaychen".

D)-The ios7 Camera 

 E)-New Photos App
  • Collect the images based on location, history or people.
  • See photos and enlarge via Photo stream in new ios7.
  • Share photos via AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, and others.
  • View comments on images that have been shared.

F)-AirDrop application
  • Share photos with friends.
  • Works on iPhone 5 and iPad 5 and the fifth generation of the iPod Touch.

  • A new ios7 interface cared animation.
  • Multiple new sounds (men - women).
  • Improve the control device, such as adjusting the brightness via Siri.
  • Integration of Wikipedia and Bing as search results for Siri.

H)- iOS 7 on cars
  • IOS 7 support for the dashboard of your car.
  • Support directions, play music, as well as iMessage.
  • Supports more than 12 auto companies in 2014.

I )-store
  • Find applications by age group.
  • Search for applications according to the current site.
  • Automatically update applications of  ios 7.

J)-I Tunes Radio
  • Work directly from the application in Ios 7 music.
  • Post radio stations with friends, or create a special menu based on your favorite artists.
  • Mac support, and desktop computers, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as Apple TV.
  • Free of ads
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