Tuesday, April 9, 2013

20 million false accounts on "Twitter"

News reports revealed that "Twitter" contains about 20 million a fictitious account of the origin of more than 500 million in a joint account in the social networking site. A report to the newspaper "New York Times" of America that the rate of 4% of registered accounts on "Twitter" and fake, and most of those accounts were created for commercial purposes.
The report pointed to a study set up by the company "Barracuda Labs" research describes the spread of trade buying followers on "Twitter", which reached the average price of a thousand followers to U.S. $ 18. The American news network NBC in previous reports pointed to the involvement of well-known personalities in buying followers on "Twitter" and most notably "Mitt Romney" Republican candidate against Democratic counterpart loser "Barack Obama" in the former U.S. presidential elections. To this, and added the American Journal report, in the words of a spokesperson, "Twitter", that the process of tracking those accounts phantom difficult. A spokesman for the social networking site "40% of our registered accounts look fake because users do not write after its inception any Tweets and prefer to follow others just sufficiency." The spokesman continued, "Twitter" that his position as well as allow the establishment of a single user to more than one account to be used for different purposes, which is what makes the discovery of fictitious accounts a difficult problem. 

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