Thursday, April 25, 2013

Templar reveals updated applications for smart phones

Detection site "Templar" recently about the updates in applications for smart phones, in a move in parallel with the announcement this week announced the launch of ads across applied to systems iOS and Android, in his quest to take advantage of the increasing growth in advertising cell phones, especially with the expected override site visits via mobile office devices with visits early next year.
The last revelations "Templar" Reload applied to a system
of "IOS." The new version includes bearing the number "3.3.1" and the size of 17.7 MB, several new functions focused on post Entries via social networks.
Users can next to the possibility of admiring one of Postings or republication reblog, share them via social networks like Twitter and Facebook, they can also save content his top for later using services such as "Pocket" and Instapaper, or send an entry via email.
And includes new additions Order List followers, or people who follow thim user, according to the letters of the alphabet and the possibility to search, in addition to the possibility of closure Image paid up or down, as well as display animation GIF pass through the screen, and only the work of the last property on the phones, "iPhone 4S" and "iPad 2" and beyond.
It also launched "Templar" before the first days of its application for cell phones "Windows Phone" one size MB, also revealed early in the month of April for updating the system applied to "Android" ensure the different design of the interface and view images.

The launch of the "Templar", blogging platform which receives 170 million visitors per month, advertising via mobile phones after almost a year of adding ad units in the department paid radar as a way to keep the service free.
The take Templar ads via mobile phones form Entries marked with dollar animation, which can be admiring the users like or re-write it down. Among the brands that are contracted to launch its advertising Pepsi and "Warner Brothers", GE and ABC Entertainment.
The company noted in a statement, that users will not see more than four ads a day. He was the founder and CEO of "Templar" David Karp said in an interview earlier that his company build its ad based on the same "elements very small" that make up the Templar itself; there are no pages Promotion Aamat commercial or stories sponsored but blogs and blog entries only. He added that with the presence of these elements and improve the ability of mobile applications on display, it will be able to "Templar" introduction of ads in a manner not distracting.

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