Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Its the Most playful smartphone nokia lumia 520

Its Most playful smartphone 

Exclusive digital lenses. Add a little magic to the images.

Comes to you Nokia Lumia 520 digital lenses used exclusively in Nokia phones and specially designed in order to impress their friends. Add a little bit of movement to the images with Cinemagraph. And took many pictures with a single click using the Smart Shoot, and free pictures easily in order to get the best shots. And provide you with Panorama property to get the full picture.

 Ultra-sensitive screen, works even if you're wearing a glove
Nokia Lumia 520 screen ultra-sensitive; so that you can use if you wearing Agafazak or using nails. Making processes, writing, conversation and browsing much quicker and easier than ever

 A Nokia Mix Radio. Listen to free music that you love.

Fill application
Nokia Lumia 520 Mix Radio every moment in your life are you interested in music for free. You can choose from among more than 150 songs selected group of experts, you can also create your own playlist and choose who you love singers. The most important advantage of this application is that you can choose a list of favorites and listen to it when you're not connected to the Internet. Share your favorite passages with friends on social networking sites with Nokia Lumia 520 or via e-mail or SMS. (May require listening to music or downloaded using the phone transferring large amounts of data; so please check your service provider).
 Maps FREE HERE Maps. Explore and easily destinations.

Discover the important places that you do not know with
Nokia Lumia 520 . Just type the name of the destination by destination and leave the rest to apply HERE Maps, and if you are driving, guidance to Fastmta HERE Drive which gives details of the road juncture turning point. If you are scouring the city using public transportation, just to let HERE Transit looking for the shortest route and times of congestion and even walking distance that Stqtaha. (HERE Drive application provides phones Nokia Lumia 520 free driving directions to a State or a particular area, and will provide an option to upgrade to additional navigation services later).
 See your world at a glance system with Windows Phone 8.

Once you experience the Live Tiles, you'll wonder why you do without it, it is through the continuous update in real time on your start-up screen, the Live Tiles displays all that is new addition to events that take place now. You can customize the content you care about in this application by changing the size of the notices. It also provides you with Windows Phone 8 storage space up to 7GB on Microsoft SkyDrive, you can sync your phone and computer easily. Add to this that you can use it as a phone work; is the Supplier of the applications of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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