Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nokia Lumia 720 is comming soon

It Is Stylish and social
 It Is Thin and light, and brilliant. Distinguished from the others.

Will be the Lumia 720 is a phone that achievement in order to design high-harmonic and its vivid colors and vibrant screen.
But it is not only the magnificent appearance, where come to you Lumia 720 with a long battery life, as well as a touch screen that works even nail or when wearing Agafazak.
 It also features the possibility to ship without wires through the premium wireless Shipping

Features a great camera puts you in the picture. Enjoy video calls and talk face to face.

Use the front camera Lumia 720 high-resolution wide-angle lens and in a position inventory of all your friends in one shot, it is also great for video calls. And get a lot of fun with Lumia digital lenses exclusive - such as Glam Me-which enables you to take photographs and conduct processing of images through whitening teeth or change the color of the skin. Therefore, you always get the best pictures and stills.
Record important moments of your age with high accuracy and cheerful colors, even in dim light.
Ensure you rear camera with wide-angle lens and light-light technology to get on the wonderful snapshot at any time and at any place. Also included you Lumia lenses digital exclusive capture the best images as well. Through Smart Shoot feature will be able to combine images and create the coolest shots, while allowing you Erase property of removing any items you do not want in their survival.
Nokia Lumia 720 Smartshoot 
Maps HERE Maps select your way and discover the secrets of the city.
Use LiveSight feature in the application HERE Maps to discover places of shops, restaurants and businesses around you. And get instant views and guidance so feel free to go from one place to another. The application works inside buildings such as shopping centers. (Will be announced on the timing of the launch of HERE Maps with LiveSight technology the market later).
Nokia Lumia 720 HERE Maps 
Nokia Mix Radio application Listen to music for free.
Do you like music? Listen to your favorite songs on your phone for free with the application of Nokia Mix Radio. Or use the Gig Finder application to know the important events around you, and then buy tickets and send invitations to your friends on Facebook. (May require listening to music or downloaded using the phone transferring large amounts of data; so please check your service provider). 
 Nokia Lumia 720 Nokia Mix Radio

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