Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The launch of the second beta version of the operating system "Ubuntu" 13.04

The launch of the second beta version of the operating system "Ubuntu 13.04"

And carry the new version improvements in system performance, plus the latest updates to stable program "LibreOffice" which comes an alternative to software package "Office" paid "Microsoft", and "Firefox" Web essential in the system, and the "Thunderbird" Kpr.h to browse e-mail.
And will the new version of the operating system "Ubuntu" nucleus "Linux 3.8.5" which is expected to give greater stability in the performance of the system, as will carry a version for the new version of the an Upstart Users tool for the desktop.
The The Upstart Users tool provides the user the possibility to accelerate access to the desktop via the automatic shutdown of some software when you open the computer, and the developers decided to "Ubuntu" not be the tool automatically activated when you install the new version where need to be activated manually.
In contrast Wubi tool will not be available in the new version, which is a tool that allows users to "Microsoft Windows" running "Ubuntu" as one of the programs installed on
Justifying the developers of "Ubuntu" failure to provide a tool Wubi in the new version, it is still under development and the current version of which will not work on a stable version

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