Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Facebook allows you to celebrity correspondent

There is no doubt that Facebook does many of the updates in the current period, and from it will allow all correspondence celebrities, but do not be surprised Mark Zuckerberg will not give property to anyone, it must pay on each message will be sent, and in general is not a celebrity on their own, even If you want to send a message to one is not in the point of contact, you will be driven, but not the same price, for example, if you want to send a message to Ahmad Hilmi or Mohamed El Jem is not for the same price, which will use it to contact the Girl Like in the bus and coincided with him, and As can be seen through the picture below that the price is a bit high-priced for example, $ 15 something exaggerated, and I think I'm Marc prepares to make everything paid in Facebook after forcing owners thread to do advertising campaigns in order to show their publications for each reversed if payment is not will only appear for 20 or 30% of the fan, a strange order O Mark

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