Friday, April 12, 2013

Drinking water for charging mobile phone battery

The company "Bauer Trek" created solution to the problem of battery consumption through mobile charger "revolutionary" who works with water regular, and adequate one tablespoon of water to charge a smart phone for two hours or two "iPhone", thanks to technology fuel cell inside.

The techniques presented the findings of the company "Taktos" that allows the latest technologies to form a gel buttons on a touch screen, allowing the user to write that there is a genuine buttons, and after you finish typing disappear entirely buttons.

As experts predict booming buy goods services via smart phones that will shape the future of digital payments. With one click or touch screen mobile phone consumers will be able to pay for any items they want to buy, and it on the web or in a store or anywhere.

It seems that the field of competition between mobile phone companies will be innovations and applications that improve the productivity and quality of life, through the competition aims to acquire a constantly expanding market, estimated at billions of dollars in profits annually.

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