Friday, June 14, 2013

The best important 22 application for Ipad devices

In a time when almost countless applications for  Apple’s tablet or what is known as the "iPad " the  Time magazine, the CNN sister offers you the prominent applications that are essential for the ipad users :
  1. Adobe Reader application  to read PDF files
  2. Air Display application to convert to a secondary display device when using a personal computer.
  3. Allrecipes application that offers a wide selection of recipes and cooking varied cuisine.
  4. Blogsy application specialist blogs.
  5. the  free Calculator  application for iPad, as the calculations and equations are necessary in some cases.
  6. Catalog Spree application that offers the user magazines offers from various shops of the world
  7. Chrome application system for those who prefer to use Google to surf the Internet.
  8. Free CloudOn application to store information and unwanted files and access them from any other device through a system known as "cloud computing."
  9. Comics application that allows the user to browse comics magazines.
  10. Evernote application that allows to store a large amount of digital information that has been collected through the Web sites and pages.
  11. Facebook application for entry to the largest social networking site in the world.
  12. Free Fanhattan application for films and serials.
  13. FastZip application  that compresses files and documents which the individual wishes to use and provider of high security specifications.
  14. Find My Friends application which allows the user to locate services friends and communicate with them and, of course, after taking permission from them.
  15. Google Earth application for maps and the names of the various sites.
  16. ITunes U application for music
  17. Kindle application for reading and reading
  18. Mint application to monitor your bank accounts.
  19. Newsy application that displays news today directly and quickly from different sources.
  20. A Photo Editor by Aviary for image processing.
  21. Pinnacle Studio application for video processing.
  22. Skype application to make voice and video calls.
The best important 22 application for Ipad devices
Note:- you can download this applications from : apple store

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