Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gold iPhone 5S With 128GB Storage

Gold iPhone 5S
KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has issued a extra exploration memorandum claiming with the purpose of the iPhone 5S will be open in gold and gain a 128GB cargo space option.

We too forecast the extra classical will add a extra look, a golden casing, and a extra option instead of superior 128GB cargo space, to offer greater differentiation from iPhone 5.

If there's solitary obsession with the purpose of we know of KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, his predictions are each time 90% stanch.

To confirm Kuo's declare, several gold parts of iPhone 5S gain been seen.

Of way, gold iPhone 5S would be very expensive and maybe an exclusive narrow edition instead of the rich guys or Arab princes.

Kuo too says the extra iPhone will grasp 1GB DDR3 RAM. We reckon A7 will upgrade recall bandwidth spec to LPDDR3 from LPDDR2 adapted by A6, in an effort to get well arrangement performance.

Since Apple is in charge of both hardware and OS design, it is clever of minimalizing recall space next to an optimized state. Therefore, A7’s RAM will likely be unchanged next to 1GB.

Voguish a preceding memorandum, Kuo predicted the iPhone 5S would gain a convex cobalt homeland button with a built-in fingerprint sensor. Apple is predictable to uncover the iPhone 5S.

Having a 128GB iPhone would be downright instead of individuals with the purpose of custom a fate of media annals.

By September 10th, Apple is predictable to uncover the iPhone 5S & 5C.

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