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Specifications of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

A brief summary of the phone
Samsung recently released her new Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini, which is a microcosm of the phone Previous  Galaxy S4 phone, which won the admiration of millions around the world. Keep your hands today in this thread the official specifications of the phone according to the official website of the company producer.

Phone Specifications

  1. Touch Screen size 4.3 inches.
  2. processor:1.7 GHz dual-core .
  3.  RAM: 1.5 GB.
  4.  Internal memory: 8 GB.
  5. Port for MicroSD memory cards and supports an area of up to 64 GB.
  6.  camera 8 mega-pixel high-resolution HD
  7.  front camera1.9-megapixel for video calls Video Calls.
  8. The phone supports wireless connectivity and available Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC
  9. The phone have also GPS.
  10. Contact the fourth-generation LTE networks, so that it has the support infrared IR LED.
  11. Battery capacity of 1900 mAh.
  12. Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini-backed Android platform 4.2.2.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

What Should you do if your phone fell in water ?

This is some  of steps that you should undertake if your phone fell in the water or tea 

to avoid doing other things, will lead to the destruction of your phone follow the following steps ....
1. Do not try to run the phone to know if it works or not, this is the main reason for the destruction of your phone, what you have to do is scan your phone and try to dry the water.
2. If you can remove the back cover of the phone to remove the battery do so and if you can not no problem.
3. Take the phone and the battery and put them in a bowl of rice and close the container and leave it like this, and this is not the best way to dry the phone but rice has a high strength in the absorption of water and is available at any time.
4. Leave the phone on this case for 24 hours and then remove the phone battery .mode again and turn it.
5. Then there are two possibilities: either the device works, but if you do not see anything on the screen do change this screen and less losses The other possibility could be that the device does not work, what you need to do is take it to the nearest place specializes in repairing phones.
☻ Show This video illustrates:

Micromax A110Q Canvas 2 a new phone with high specification

The Micromax Indian Company announced  on  version of the new phone "Micromax A110Q Canvas 2", which comes with a big-screen size 5 inches of quality screens "FWVGA" where you view the contents of the graphics and texts written purity equal to
 (480 * 854 )pixels technology display the "IPS" which allows vision more clearly.Phone and quad-core processing unit of the type "MT6589" and comes with an internal memory capacity of 4 GB of RAM "RAM" with a capacity of 1 GB, the phone also supports the operating system software and applications Android "Jellybean 4.2"Has been providing electrical battery with a capacity equal to 2,000 mAh in addition to the rear camera accurately pictorial equal to 8 mega pixel camera with flash "LED Flash" to help capture images in places insufficient lighting in addition to the other front camera 2 mega pixel camera.

IPhone5 come with price 99 dollar only

To every fan of apple  we quote you some rumors contained on the New iPhone 5 that   Made of plastic to be at a low price, which is expected to come in  a variety of colors, including gold, orange, white, gray, pink, green, and blue as well as yellow.This is based on the report, that come from  Japanese blog Macotakara and  apple working   to produce 1000 phone of low cost iPhone and will appear in next june  for tests , and scheduled to be announced officially by Apple in September 2013 and will be sold in markets including approximately $ 99 or $ 149.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

News of the new Nokia Phone Lumia 925

Hi all of our blog visitors we come to day with news of the new Nokia Phone Nokia Lumia 925 which comming soon lets see the features.

Features of Nokia Lumia 925

1.Low-light photos never looked this good.
Award-winning PureView technology, Carl Zeiss optics and six physical lenses. Nokia Lumia 925 lets you capture the great moments, day or night. And the beautifully crafted design will turn heads wherever you go.
2.Nokia Lumia 925 smart Camera. Unleash your creativity.

Spend less time planning the shot. Nokia Lumia 925 Smart Camera mode lets you take a burst of photos, and then go back later and choose the story you want to tell.

3.All the action in a one photo.
Capture more of the action than your eyes can see. The Action Shot feature in Nokia Lumia 925 Smart Camera lets you snap once to get a sequence of movements in a single high-quality image.
4.Control the shot.

No more random people walking through your scene. The Remove Moving Object feature in Nokia Lumia 925 Smart Camera lets you erase unwanted details to get your picture looking just the way you want.
5.Put a smile on everyone's face.

Get all friends at their best with the Change Faces feature in Nokia Lumia 925 Smart Camera, which lets you combine your favorite expressions from a series of shots into a single perfect group photo.

More about Nokia NEws :Nokia 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The strangest covers for your iPhone5 in world

To maintain your iPhone 5 , with a touch of fun in and out of the ordinary.
The   iPhone 5 has hundreds of dollars, is inviting you to maintain it, but instead of owning a traditional cover you can delinquency little crazy with these designs.

1 - When you see this cover may initially u think a classic book or an old dictionary for a language, but it is only a cover for   "iPhone" and looks very idea of ​​authenticity.


2 - If you prefer an elegant and useful cover, it suits this cover, who also works agency calculator.

3 - If you're nostalgic for years to the eighties and the era in which it was carrying the huge radio youth over their shoulders, Senaspk this cover but, of course, will not carry over the shoulder.


4 - painters and lovers paintings Sajbhm of this cover is divided into squares of different colors surrounding a feather fee.

5 - cover is useful if you do a lot of soft drinks, or that you need a key to disarm the cover.

6 - Do you miss mobile "Nokia" old? If you are of them, this will activate you cover a lot of memories.

7 - Many of us was using the Game Boy in the childhood years, some companies decided to cover innovation mentions this generation these days. 
8 - the cover of a festive nature come out of it the green light, and fits the phone "iPhone".

 9 - cover for lovers of sweets, especially cake pieces, may cause hunger to one of them, but the idea will attract many.

10 - Cover Good if you want to make your phone disguised camera.

What do you think of these covers??

BlackBerry Q5 come with Low price

BlackBerry announced the launch of a new smartphone BlackBerry Q5 in specific markets, 
such as Europe, the Middle East and Asia and Latin America in early July. Followed by phone BlackBerry ® Q5 new class and fun phones BlackBerry ® 10 which is designed specifically to increase the confidence of the user and enables him to enjoy the experience captured by the joint it is  Features was designed all the advantages of a new smartphone thoroughly and professionally as well as to integrate a QWERTY keyboard with separate keys sleek design and smaller have been re- engineered and elegantly designed to help the user to print more quickly and accurately and with less effort. In addition to the existing acronyms within Instant Action feature which provides synonymous words as you type to finish the work faster.

As for the characteristic post screen Screen Share it enables you to convert the application of BBM to BBM Video to enjoy the simple touch to meet your loved ones from family and friends and share photos, websites and various business documents or even view the surrounding landscape around you for someone who Thadth wherever you are. As part of the experience of the BlackBerry 10, the new phone offers Q5 mobile computing experience unique and distinctive adapt to the needs of the user. Operating features and applications by fully together, to move them quickly and smooth.
Did not miss the phone Q5 attention to the needs of business! Where you can follow the things that make you busy without having to stop working through the Khasi new BlackBerry Hub that allows movement between all social messages and conversations with a simple touch to decide reply or postponement and then return to your business quickly.
The shop offers BlackBerry ® World ™ more than 100 thousand application for the BlackBerry 10 platform designed to enable the user to explore and share the best applications and content through recommendations and assessments

See more about blackberry :☻ New BlackBerry 2014 - Z10 study on this phone
                                         ☻Closely Look on new BlackBerry Q5 phone

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Most sold mobile phone in world

Competition among smart devices will continue until now (Apple-samsung-nokia-htc-sony-lG...)
But the funny thing is that the Nokia 1100 device in attached image is the most sold in the history of mobile phones
☻It is Sold almost 250 million GTX
And then comes the Nokia 3210 at 150 million
Motorola and then 3 with 130 million units sold.

Intel May be make processor for samsung Galaxy tab 3 10.1 screen

A while ago we heard on the new Tablet PC Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 which Samsung plans to launch it within a series of tablet to transform it. Another showed records of performance measurement of applied GFXBench and AnTuTu that the delay in launching the device caused by Samsung's Tablet processing with the latest Intel processor.

Although the application of measuring performance records Antutu bench did not give many details, but he said a 1.6 GHz processor, in both measurement indices shows computer model number GT-P5200; where the previous Galaxy Tab Tablet PC 2 10.1 carries the model number GT-P5100.

The computer is expected to come in the new Intel processor, the new Clovertrail instead of Samsung Exynos processor which will be Tablet, depending on GFXBench records.

According to previous leaks, the Galaxy Tab 3 will screen 10.1 10.1 inch and a resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels with 1 GB of RAM memory and a battery with a capacity of 7000 milliamps and 16 GB of internal storage space.

To correct these performance benchmarks, Intel has a great opportunity to enter the market for tablets that have not succeeded in achieving a strong presence, particularly in the case of the Samsung controlling the smart device market by offering computers with Intel processors.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Lastest news on Oklahoma City tornado disaster

Oklahoma Tornado, Moore Ok, tornado, Moore Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Moore Oklahoma Tornado, Oklahoma City tornado, Oklahoma Tornado 2013
At least 51 people -- including seven children at an elementary school -- were killed when a massive tornado struck an area outside Oklahoma City on Monday afternoon, officials said.
Seven children were killed at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Oklahoma, a police official said. Emergency personnel were scouring the school's rubble Monday evening, video from CNN affiliate KFOR showed. The footage also showed a number of other leveled buildings.
The tornado was estimated to be at least 2 miles wide at one point as it moved through Moore, in the southern part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, KFOR reported. Video from CNN affiliates showed a funnel cloud stretching from the sky to the ground, kicking up debris.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sony Xperia Tablet Z now added to the AOSP for Xperia

Sony has been a big contributor to the Android Open Source Project, and has been making a push recently to add more of its devices to AOSP, which means that they get stock Android ROMs straight from Sony. The latest to be added to the mix is the Sony Xperia Tablet Z.

The first device Sony brought to AOSP was the Xperia S, and just last month it also added the Xperia Z. That makes the Xperia Tablet Z the first Sony tablet to be added to the mix, but Sony does want to be clear that this is very early build. You're not going to be able to use this as a daily driver on your Tablet Z, but given how quickly work has gone on the other devices, it may not be too long before we see a usable build. 

The Xperia Tablet Z won't be the last device added to AOSP from Sony. Next up, Sony has promised to add the Xperia ZL to the list. 

source: Sony via pocketnow

View a picture allegedly shot using the camera on the Samsung GALAXY Note III

A picture found online could have been snapped using the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note III if the EXIF data from the photograph is legit. Unfortunately, this data can be falsified. The EXIF data shows that the picture was taken by the GT-N7200. Considering that the GT-N7100 is the Samsung GALAXY Note II, we could be on the right track.

The camera used for the picture has a 13MP sensor and an aperture of f2.2. Samsung executive J.K. Shin said on Friday that the Samsung Galaxy Note III will feature a 5.9 inch OLED display and will be introduced at IFA Berlin in September. Since the device is expected to be unveiled this September, seeing the camera get tested at this stage would not be unusual.

The rear camera on the Samsung GALAXY Note II sports an 8MP sensor and a 13MP sensor is expected on the next iteration of the phablet.

source: (translated) via electronista

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Verizon ships some Samsung Galaxy S4 units earlier than expected

You can tell the Verizon customers who have received an email from Verizon saying that their Samsung Galaxy S4 has shipped earlier than expected. Those are the people with a ear-to-ear grin that nothing can remove. Originally, Big Red was going to launch the new Android flagship on May 30th before the release date was moved ahead a week. Now, a leaked screenshot shows that Verizon has started shipping out some of its customers' Samsung Galaxy S4 handsets.

Verizon customers have had to be extremely patient considering that Sprint and AT&T customers have been sporting their Samsung Galaxy S4 handsets for at least a couple of weeks already. As Yogi Berra is alleged to have said, it is deja vu all over again. Last year AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile all launched the Samsung Galaxy S III on June 21st or June 22nd. Verizon didn't release its variant of the device until July 12th.

If you're a Verizon customer who has received word that your Samsung Galaxy S4 is in transit, let us know about it by leaving a comment in the box below.

source: CNET

Nokia EOS prototype reportedly spotted, offers a mix of PureView 808 and Lumia 920

The fabulous Nokia EOS fizz adeptness about-face out to be the abundant accustomed Windows Fizz agnate of Nokia's acclaimed 808 PureView fizz if a fresh rumour is to be believed.
Windows Fizz focused website WMPowerUser claims to accept accustomed a tip about the fresh camera axial fizz from addition who appears to accept apparent a prototype. The armpit quotes the adviser to acquaint that the phone's anatomy is fabricated of polycarbonate actual aloof like the contempo Nokia Lumia phones (barring the Lumia 925) and has the aforementioned array as that of the Lumia 920 but it's lighter than the Lumia 920 which is one of the better phones out there. To accord the accessory a slimmer profile, it's cone-shaped at the edges.
The fizz appears to accept an AMOLED awning with the aforementioned resolution and admeasurement as that of the Lumia 920's screen. The Lumia 920 has a 4.5-inch PureMotion HD+ LCD affectation with a resolution of 768x1280. The apostle aperture are amid at the basal of the handsets.
While the accessory doesn't announce the resolution of the camera camera and the characterization aloof reads "XX megapixels," the phone's camera lens is placed in a annular apartment that doesn't beetle abundant and has a awning that automatically opens back the camera app is fired. People who were assured the Nokia Lumia 925 to action a Xenon beam would be blessed to apperceive that the ancestor of the accessible fizz had a Xenon beam and a red LED focus abetment ablaze agnate to point and shoot cameras.
The adviser goes on to acquaint that the fizz appearance a fresh "Nokia Pro Camera" app that has a active interface, while the approved camera app is additionally available. The camera interface additionally offers chiral focus.
 It's not hasty accustomed that Nokia afresh launched the Lumia 925 with a fresh Nokia Smart Camera app that offers added camera appearance including the adeptness to abduction ten images at already and adapt the pictures with options like Best Shot, Action Shot, and Motion Focus. This app can be set as the absence camera app. So Nokia's closing the gap back it comes to imaging on its Windows Fizz accessories with some advice from itscomputer application addition to awning up for the platform's limitations.
There's no advice on back the Finnish aggregation affairs to absolution the handset but it did adumbration during the Lumia 925 barrage that it will accomplish addition advertisement after in Summer. Rumours of the absolute PureView Windows Fizz accept been amphibian for a continued time and some had alike accepted the aggregation to absolution it aftermost anniversary but conceivably Nokia wants to advance barrage announcements throughout summertime to actualize fizz about its Lumia accessories which are still disturbing to get the consumer's attention. 
sourse: Here

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Acer's 8.1 inch Windows 8 tablet now official

Earlier this month, we told you that Acer was working on an 8.1 inch tablet which would be the smallest screened tablet to run on Windows 8. The slate appeared on Amazon and then quickly disappeared, only to resurface a few days later when Denis Kutnikov, general director of Acer's Russian office, said that the tablet would be introduced on June 4th.
The Acer W3 is an 8.1 inch Windows 8 Pro tablet

The Acer W3 is an 8.1 inch Windows 8 Pro tablet
But the tablet has now appeared on Acer's own web site as the Acer W3. The tablet features an 8.1 inch WXGA (1280 x 768) screen and an Intel Atom Z2760 processor under the hood. 2GB of RAM is on board and there is either 32GB (W3-810-27602G03nsw)  or 64GB (W3-810-27602G06nswor) of native storage inside depending on the model selected. A 2MP webcam is included and Windows 8 Pro is pre-installed.

Pricing is unknown at this point and it is expected that we will see this model get introduced next month at Computex. As is the case with any tablet with a screen around 8 inches, the thought comes to mind that it is being produced as a challenger to the 7.9 inch Apple iPad mini.

source: Acer via SlashGear

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Closely Look on new BlackBerry Q5 phone

It was officially announced on BlackBerry Q5 during the annual Live Blackberry Conference held in Orlando, Florida in the United States on Tuesday, the 15th of the month of may, and the President's BlackBerry implementation that alhattev the new Q5 will be officially launched by European markets beginning from next July and then throughout the world and stressed that this phone is aimed at developing and Q5 low-income.
Technical specifications of BlackBerry Q5

The company did not reveal the full technical specifications of the phone for some reason not know him either, but as usual some leaked information emphasizes that the new BlackBerry phone Q5 comes bemalg dual core Snapdragon-type with a frequency of 1.2 GHz, and an internal memory of 8 GB and can be provided via the microSD port, it also contains a touch screen size 3.1 density 720 x 720 and a 2MP front camera and a 5MP rear camera , Either from the battery it has a battery with 2100mAh capacity and a QWERTY keyboard.
BlackBerry sarhatev Q5

The price of the phone has been announced so far, according to the company's Chief Executive confirmed that this phone is aimed at low-income and developing countries, it is expected that the phone price ranges from 200 to 300 dollars.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Google offers a new design for the Google Play store across the Web and a special section for tablets

Google's Conference with the developing Google announced that Google Shop Play Store became now has a special section of applications and games for Tablet devices as there are larger images for applications, games and the new design which we've seen in mobile phones also moves across the Web and across the Web, there are now new format sidebar is now available.

Google unveils Samung Galaxy S 4 During the io13Ar Conference

Big surprise that Google Developers Conference about  samsung galaxy s4 mobile Yes it is but without any additions of which mean system is evident between raw and phone will be open to all networks with LTE support, 16 GB Google promised to update the phone constantly and date of release will be on June 26, as the price it costs 649 dollars more expensive than google nexus 4
Android, GalaxyS4, Google, GoogleIo, googleio2013, io2013, Samsung
See more about google and samsung :click here
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A User left case against Apple because the power button on iPhone 4

One of Apple iPhone device users the widescreen citation, accusing Apple had sold iPhones 4, defects in the industry to close the phone button or the power.
Ms. Deborah Hilton – Debra Hilton in California, called in its call to thousands of telephone users was I prepare them for holidays in this button, and after a year in which the phone under warranty. Which might make the phone worthless. Deborah says that Apple knew this and in its own with this defect.

The defect in the power-button according to the prosecution-was causing obstruction of the opening and closing of the phone or restart. It was assigned the user the equivalent of US $ 149.99 to repair after the warranty period.
Deborah argument was based on the numerous complaints on Apple's official Forum of users about the same problem. This Apple has not issued any comment on the issue.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

New GOLD Iphone 5 it is Costs $17 Million dollar

 a British designer who knowns with his   luxury models of technical devices, he show us the latest in the fashion world and is a phone for iPhone 5 set with gems and a price of $ 17.8 million. British designer Stuart Hughes said that the phone done 9 weeks of manual labor is the most expensive in the world. and Hughes to recycling your phone case of 24-carat gold and his inlaying b 600 pieces of diamond white plastic button in the phone for iPhone, replaced by another black diamond Bullet 26-Carat pure, while manufactured from sapphire glass, according to Hughes, releases

Phoenix 1 a bird robot to maintain security within universities

Events clash in some Egyptian universities, including the University of Mansoura, a red light and whistle warning, a group of students of Department of computer engineering and systems engineering, and work to provide a secure environment on campus, to become their idea for project graduation is the production of a robot bird can be controlled remotely, can portray events, to start another phase of processing information to parties and rapid intervention to stop crimes before they develop, under the supervision of Dr. Abdul Hamid Ibrahim Fawzi, a teacher in engineering Mansoura University information systems.

Says Dr. Abdel Hameed Ibrahim: the events in the University, the country's security situation prompted us to find a way to maintain security, you can help the security services to deal with emergencies, such as entering an unknown car to campus, or persons acts contrary to the law through the creation of means can intervenes quickly, with remote control, direct it to portray the events to begin a new phase of work to help security forces track down the perpetrators.

Ibrahim adds exclusives for «Egyptian»: we started thinking about creating a flying robot equipped with a camera, we can redirect to places of events, using imaging techniques to clarify car number, or person involved in events, and fly to a suitable height is allowed to take photos clearly without exposure to damage.

And that the subject of his PhD with modern techniques in image processing, Dr. Abdul Hamid Ibrahim with 6 students to provide technology for image processing, and information can facilitate the task of the security forces, Talat Maher Mohamed Attia, basant, Abdullah alkalash, Mohamed Eid, Sarah good. Says Ibrahim: we scan for flight departments in Egyptian universities and foreign to the land of Egypt, and followed the drone pilots in Egypt, we discussed the shortcomings to be avoided, most notably as a problem in their system, unbalance, do not carry cameras, and here we thought the flying robot equipped with a camera, with poise, factors to transfer live picture of events to be processed accurately, and provide advanced capabilities in monitoring and tracking.

Team members could develop unmanned plane, dubbed "Phoenix 1" of innovation programs, represent the bulk of the cost of the project, as the project manager, but they don't compare with the size of the actual cost in the market, as they can assemble the parts pilot of motors, batteries and remote control «remote», low cost 3-4 thousand pounds, with advanced image processing techniques, all under the banner of the Panel was not lifted one controls us, which won the admiration of Dr. Mr. Anand, The University President, and the participants in the first scientific conference on research and innovation for university students, which was held recently.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Big 5 defects in samsung galaxy s4

Defects of samsung Galaxy s 4
The phone is still beautiful, and the capabilities of Android. But it really is a phone «Galaxy s 3».
1. large size in relatively good hands to display maps and movies but it's lousy for small hands.
2. still manufactured from lightweight plastic that can be constipation, arrested, but not the iPhone's elegance, or metal used in phone «HTC». And if you carry one, nobody will notice you acquired Office latest and greatest.
3. large screen = greater loss in kata battery
4. obviously meant to be translated as well as application for the comprehensive translation science fiction, it is enough to print, or even speak a language of the phone display, or speak another language translation, translation page like Google. But the phone transforms words into amazing, this mixture before attempting translation.
5. do not operate the speech recognition features only in certain applications

All the differences between Nokia Lumia 928 and 920

Numerous innovations and discoveries in the brilliant Nokia where we produce great new phone Nokia( lumia 928) in18 may, we come to you with all the differences between the last phone from Nokia (lumia920) and the new phone the raising him already(lumia928).

     Enjoy with the new generation
Lumia phones with unique camera in addition to the Live Tiles interface and design. Windows 8.

Leave you with the Comparison


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Samsung Galaxy s 4 proves that it is a extraordinary descriptions

Access to the Summit is difficult but maintain this is ranked the most difficult certainly, Samsung giant that has swept the world with their inventions and innovations distinguished still sitting on the throne, one of those innovations, particularly in the areas of communication, that the Samsung Galaxy s (Samsung galaxy s4) and the recently released modern version, the mobile extension of the Galaxy series that began in the intense competition between them and Apple Inc. (Apple) invented (I phone) where competition is tough in the first and second editions But the third issue started happening mutation does not believe her mind has increased the gap between him and other companies heavily marked and knocked off Samsung on the throne of the largest producers of mobile devices, smartphones, and the reason that the top of the company is the cooperation between them and the world that Google shares with strong and effective operating system Android (Android).

Everyone predicted that the new version of Galaxy s 4 (Samsung galaxy s4) will knock them out with great mobile production companies because its features outside not only as potential programs but as possibilities to configure the internal organs, the company introduced the new apparatus that carries unprecedented new technology at other companies who are competing against the most important superhero feature is the screen and made sure the company view some screen features a new technology called Walt bear (Gorilla Glass) this technology is creating an effective product, private as well as 4 (Samsung Galaxy Galaxy s4), and the advantages of this technique it is resistant to scratches and sharp instruments and effectively and that this feature adds strength and durability for mobile Galaxy s 4 (Samsung galaxy s4), which became the first right in the world.

One of the buyers of the new mobile (Samsung galaxy s4) had not been convinced by these advertisements and bought a device from the market and wanted to make sure of the sincerity of the new technique (Gorilla Glass) and filmed this experience on the Exchange site videos (You tube) and tools used in the experiment were as follows: mobile Galaxy s 4 (Samsung galaxy s4) as well as three types of sharp knives and the Publisher, keys and coin metal , The experimenter using knives first tries to injure the screen that shows no sign of her, but she is not affected by, and tries to stab the saw but did not succeed in harming mobile tries keys that shiver of them and is not affected by mobile, even the coins does not yield the success with the screen, actually no supernatural spirits in mobile.

Recently put forward a new version of (Samsung galaxy s4) in the Middle East, where many began to register their names to buy it as the company announced its new features such as: download the new operating system from Google Android 4.2 jelly between, with a weight of up to 130 grams, and the size of the screen up to 4, 99 inch any equivalent 12.67, and force up to Full HD screen , And RAM up to 2 GB, as well as for external camera up to 13 MB and another forward up to 2 MB, WiFi and Bluetooth and GPRS as well as many strong and distinctive features in this new version of Galaxy s 4 (Samsung galaxy s4).