Sunday, May 5, 2013

HTC One good sales but less than the Galaxy S 4

Perhaps these two are the most important on the Square devices Android today, after the financial problems of many with HTC excelled really making a solid and stylish design as well as a strong specifications, but shortly thereafter appeared Samsung Paljalxa S 4 to announce altitude her shoulder in the field, and the two devices competitors to each other one way or anotherbut U.S. sales statistics indicate that HTC One sales are going well.
In spite of this good news from the U.S. markets, but the Galaxy S 4 sells better in various global markets, including the U.S., where sales exceeded sales of HTC One, although it provides in the market after at least two weeks, so that the device is not available in stores Company Verizon Communications, the largest cellular telecommunications network.
And some stores reported that the rate of re-HTC One outweigh Galxa is S 4 so as to problems in audio headphones and the problem of dead pixels (black).
The Galaxy S phone 4 began to availability in the Arab region, especially the Arab Gulf states and Egypt.

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