Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Microsoft recognizes the failure of Windows 8

The newspaper "Vanninchel Times" Alammerakh a meeting exclusively with the Director-commercial Microsoft Corp. "Microsoft" Timmy Ryler which recognized the failure of the company to launch the new version of the operating system computers and Windows 8 "Widows 8", and said that the company will update the key elements of this system. In practice, this means a public recognition of the company's senior managers of the failure of the new system, which was planned to be a good project to raise to the level of home computers laptops.

Analysts considered that this statement will cost the company dearly as they launched the new version "Widows 8" in the markets in response to Apple's success.

Ryler refused to talk about what are the elements that the company will update the system. He acknowledged that PC users have faced difficulty coping with the new system and also committed other errors when the company launched the new version of the system in markets such as not prepared for retailers to be able to explain the advantages and characteristics of the new system.

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