Sunday, June 9, 2013

Making Nokia Lumia eos 2014 in factory

In this video you can see the best Nokia eos factory.this is a story about the making of the most beautifully simple smartphone.
Steps of making Nokia Eos  :
1.a pure plastic placed under a giant machine used for sewing.
2.The machine make holes in body of Nokia eos.
3.the machine designe the body carefully by cut across the plastic body.
4.after the machine cut across the body a huge staff of men scan any issues by  hand and Sculpts the body carefully.
5.a second machiine designe the screen shape by cut a good quality glass.
6.a third machine (laser machine) print the Nokia eos name on Phone body.
7.the workers staff Finish assembling the rest of the Nokia eos phone by hand.
 Show the video of Nokia Factory now

I hope you like it

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