Friday, June 14, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with metallic body

Before the official announcement of the Galaxy S4 phone  featured many of the rumors about entering the metal in the design of the new Galaxy S5 phone but came reverse phone all expectations there have been some rumors also recently reported that Samsung begins to work very hard in the next generation of it’s phones. the Galaxy S5 phone will be the first phone from Samsung is made of metal.

In the recent period Samsung received many criticisms because of phones made ​​of plastic, while the emergence of competition from other phones such as the HTC One metal and Nokia Lumia 925, where Samsung phones are given plastic sensation cheap compared to other phones.

But according to reports, the new Galaxy S5 phone from Samsung which will come a new design completely under the category of  Design 3.0 will be made ​​of aluminum, but this means that Samsung by use of a battery is replaceable when using metal In the end, is not expected announcement Galaxy S5 soon, but will probably be the end in 2014.

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