Monday, June 17, 2013

Acer will announce about its smartphone Liquid ZX with 3.5-inch screen soon

 Yet the phone still great good is a phone in the Android space. If you are interested in the latest processors and the latest technology for displays, and the latest camera, if you will inevitably get a larger phone. In 2010 the phone was a 4-inch screen is great, and after one year increased to 4.3 inches, and in the following year, 4.8-inch and this year grew to 5-inch screens. Although the measure does not have to be this way, but some people like to be integrated phone and has a good screen, processor and a descent camera. Acer wants to allow this option with a phone Acer Liquid ZX-screen phone with a 3.5-inch, which will be unlike other low-phones. Says Head of the smartphone "ST Liu": "We have a lot of people began to abandon the 3.5-inch phone. But we will continue on a 3.5-inch mobile phone and we will manufacture 3.5-inch appropriate for a slice of people who appreciate the small-screen devices. " He continues, "Leo", speaking of Liquid ZX  "We are going to announce a 3.5-inch device very soon and that we are proud to screen will be small." It is clear that the phone will be launched soon because the "Liu" has one of it, but it can not be shown before the formal detection. However, Acer's strategy does not focus only on low-cost phones, he says, "Leo," referring to Liquid ZX 3.5-inch and Liquid S1 Vabelt to 5.7 inches: "We believe that we will نتقن the smartphone screen small and large screen smartphone." This has been used Acer Android version raw or default Android operating system in the latest devices have obviously it plans to continue doing so. The company believes that its mission is to simplify the program to enable the devices. Are you excited to see the device Liquid ZX 3.5 inches? Or do you think that the best phone should be bigger? You can share your opinion through comments below.  
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