Sunday, June 30, 2013

Apple will changing the design of its logo for the first time because of iPhone 5S

Do you change Apple's famous logo design some thing?. This is the question being asked himself, after the image that was leaked from famous Letemsvetemapplem site leaks Apple. The beginning of her anticipated iPhone 5s.

The logo design change - according to the site - the beginning of the integration of Apple's new home button and the other who comes for the first time for Apple phones. The site says: "This significant change will be prepared, where the icon will be replaced by the usual basic, another larger and more" brighter ". And the description that has been accepted is precisely the "incandescent".
He says Altfna analyst Brownlee that Apple's change of where to place the logo as well, rugby may come from Apple in its place more visible to others, to show them, while the user holds one of Apple's devices. It is what they need company. Where Apple does not seem signs deals in obvious places while holding users.
This comes at a time when the company is preparing to announce her and the new system in September of this year.

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