Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to boost up your Android RAM With out programs

Of the problems faced by users after purchase Android device and use the device period are OK, start the emergence of a problem using the device of RAM, or random memory, especially in devices with memory random low as 512 MB or 768 MB, and thus result in use of large applications of RAM to the lack of response device and the emergence of slow movement between interfaces and applications do not run fast enough, and the many problems we do not need, so I decided to put some tips and solutions for the benefit beginners and everyone, including:

1 - not launcher mode or live wallpaper, especially if the live background contains a lot of 3D elements, leads to the consumption of power first, and then the higher use of RAM .. It is only possible to simply live a simple background or fixed.

2 - delete applications that do not use, you do not use on a daily basis or do not need them ... etc, it reduces the amount of installed applications, thus reducing the use of  RAM.

3 - stop services operated applications, and by going to Settings> manage applications> applications services operator will then see services operator of applications we need not go to a particular application and we press it and then we press Stop.

4 - Delete RAM traditionally, so by going to the task manager and then random access memory (RAM) and then pressing the Delete memory as in the picture :

Note : This method may not be very effective in reducing the use of  RAM as after pressing the delete memory reduces use a little but do not pass seconds, only to come back the RAM again to its original condition but I just have set for it to be desirable in some cases.

5 - not out of the applications by the home button, he leaves the application is still running, but you must exit through the back button.

In the end: this was just tips for beginners to avoid the use of the higher RAM .. and I hope I have managed even a little bit, and I welcome any inquiry within Comments.

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