Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Microsoft will stop support for Windows XP next year in 2014

Microsoft today officially announced it would halt its final support for the operating system Windows XP in a matter of years and will keep some security updates to the border late next month of April 2014, God willing, so as to encourage people and businesses to move to Windows 7 or Windows 8.
It is worth mentioning that the system of Windows XP still accounts for about 37.73% of its share in the market today according to the latest statistics by the StatCounter It is considered among the most Microsoft systems success so that the company has its support for more than 5 years, but Windows 7 attracted admiration of many users immediately after its launch because it is the fastest, lightest and became obsessed now 44.73% of the market compared to 3.31% for Windows 8.
It is noteworthy that Microsoft plans to soon launch the Windows operating system Blue, which is an upgraded version of Windows 8, which was lower than expected sales and I personally want to stay on Windows 7 to come otherwise

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