Sunday, August 18, 2013

How to export iPhone contacts to iCloud ?

We know that the contacts on our phones is very dear to us, and today, let me point out a number of steps that will allow you to export your contacts on your phone iPhone to any account-Claude iCloud.
1.To start, open the Setting menu from your iPhone , then click on the iCloud ِapp.
2. On the iCloud app,click on Contacts and Make it On, and then choose Merge.
3. After that, just go to the  site, and login using your Apple account.
4.Click on the Contacts icon.
5. When the address book is open, press the icon in the form of the wheel is located down the right, and choose Select All, and then choose Export vCard.
6. Stay on the vCard file on your computer , now you make a backup copy of the existing contacts on your iPhone, or if you wish to be included to Google Gmail, then follow me to the next point.
7. In your Gmail account , by clicking on the list of Google which is located at the top left and Begin select Contact, to Click on the  More to see the bottom of the menu, and choose Import.
8. Now we select the vCard file from your computer and Click on lifting the Upload button.
9. Now, you can watch the iphone contacts in the sub-section of your Gmail contacts list, you will be arranged according to the date of choice, you can add them with a pre-existing contacts in order to avoid duplication, or saved in a separate file.

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