Friday, August 9, 2013

Ubuntu Edge phone priced at $ 695

The story about Ubuntu Edge phone is definitely inspiring, the fact that this device comes a whole new concept along with some truly amazing specifications. 
Unfortunately for Canonical, the company responsible for the development of Ubuntu Edge phone the fundraising campaign on a platform funding Indiegogo emerging projects soon to be unsuccessful. In fact, Canonical campaign on Indiegogo platform got off to an exciting start very impressive, and the company was able to collect donations of $ 2 million in less than 12 hours from the start of the campaign on July 22. But the pace of donations after the first week declined by 84%, and we are now in the ninth day of the month of August and but Canonical Company managed to obtain donations of only $ 8.37 million.
In a move from Canonical to try to bring life to the campaign, has announced that the latter just that it will reduce the price of the phone Ubuntu Edge to a minimum, so it will cost device is now about 695 U.S. dollars only with the knowledge that the price of the device was at about 775 U.S. dollars.
The rest is now less than 15 days from the end of the campaign, and it is unlikely that these re-life step for Ubuntu Edge campaign on a platform Idiegogo. As a reminder, the company Canonical need to collect donations of $ 32 million to start the process of manufacturing the phone Ubuntu Edge. In other words, it's all or nothing. Nothing specifically, it seems likely to be the case. We can not help but wish to be very wrong.
Ubuntu Edge phone

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