Saturday, July 20, 2013

Motorola Moto X press render leaks

The moto X is the new Motorola’s first attempt to push some serious volume under new-ish owner Google.All signs suggest that the MOTOROLA Moto X will become official on August 1st, but if snapshots and videos of the real thing aren't enough to satiate your curiosity..well, now there's a press render from @evleaks and partner site TheUnlockr. Naturally, stock Android has been key to the MOTOROLA Moto X for some time now, but it seems that we might find subtle interface tweaks from Motorola, such as the transparent navigation bar, which is now highly visible. In all, there aren't many startling revelations in the latest leak, but one thing is for certain: the phone's face sure looks a lot cleaner now that Motorola's logo has been scrubbed away.We will be at one of the sessions and as soon as we can, we will pass along to you the big news.Remember, the customized version of the phone will be available online only. For many of you, August 1st can't come soon enough. Until then, feel free to stare at the picture below.
source: TheUnLockr via Engadget

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