Friday, July 5, 2013

New Xperia Z Ultra Efficiency in an ultra slim smartphone

The Sony Mobile site  has just published a new promotional video for the Xperia Z Ultra (C68XX). The video highlights how the handset can be your (super-efficient partner)by creating notes using any pencil or stylus with its handwriting recognition and easily correcting typos. Notes can also be shared via email straight from the app.
It also shows off the one-handed keyboard, multi-tasking with small apps (which really comes into its own with a larger screen) and taking calls with the Sony SBH52 Bluetooth headset. We get a brief look at the new white UI in the settings screen too.
  • Make your life more efficient with  Xperia Z Ultra (C68XX). With the ultra-responsive screen and handwriting recognition technology, writing notes with a stylus or pencil is a breeze. The Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor makes multitasking effortless, allowing you to switch seamlessly between apps, and with Battery STAMINA Mode you can power down the apps you're not using to increase standby time.

Source Xperia blog

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