Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New upcoming 2013 Smartphones will be launched before 2014

 After the announcement of all the leading companies in the world of smart phones such as (Samsung ,lG,nokia,HTC ,Sony and many big companies.
Let's see The New 2013/2014 Smartphones Collections
First:The New Upcoming 2013/2014 Motorola Smartphones
1.Motorola DROID Ultra:
 logo Motorola_DROID_Ultra
2.Motorola DROID Mini:
Motorola DROID Mini
3.Motorola DROID maxx:
DROID maxx

Second:The New Upcoming 2013/2014 Sony Smartphones
1.Sony Xperia C
 Sony Xperia C
 Honami mini
3.Sony Xperia SP
Xperia SP
4.Sony Xperia ZR
 Xperia ZR availability
-img Xpeia z Ultra

Third:The New Upcoming 2013/2014 LG Smartphones
 LG G2
2.LG Nexus 4
Price and specs of  LG Nexus 4 2014,LG Nexus 4 2013,LG Nexus 4 price
Fourth:The New Upcoming 2013/2014 Samsung Smartphones
1.Samsung galaxy memo
Samsung Galaxy Memo
2.Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
Galaxy s4 mini,mini galaxy s4 ,galaxy s4 2014,photo oh galaxy s4
Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 DUOS

Samsung ATIV S
fifth:The New Upcoming 2013/2014 Nokia Smartphones

1.Nokia lumia 625

2.Nokia Lumia 1020
 Nokia _Lumia _1020

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