Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Priyanka virus invades Whats app android application

With the advent of any successful the hackers are trying to use it for the purposes of vandalism or to obtain a greater amount of information, in the past few days topped ranked first in Whatsapp way communication between people as it provides a quick and free way and hardly anyone owns a smart device but it should be noted that this program is the basics in his machine, today the news comes annoying is the emergence of Priyanka claims this virus now affects devices running Android as it will Brings you add to the program and accept them will turn all your contacts to this name as shown in the picture above, that this virus you just go into contacts and delete it and then go to the settings for the program and choose the shut down option, and then clear all private data, unfortunately is not yet known what is the objective of the program  but often is to get all your conversations and Stored on a server.

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