Thursday, July 11, 2013

BlackBerry A10 Aristo features,price and leaked images

The upcoming  BlackBerry A10. Set to launch this fall, the BlackBerry A10 Aristo will feature:
  • The most powerful Berry
  •  5-inch Super AMOLED display.
  •  a dual-core processor and a separate graphics processor
  •  it is going to be the largest phone BlackBerry has ever made in terms if screen size. 
  • Unfortunately, it seems as if the display’s resolution is going to be 1280 x 720. That’s compared to 1080p displays that are available on many devices, which offer pixel densities north of 350 ppi.
If you're interested in seeing a picture of what is believed to be the phone that puts an extra spring in Thorsten Heins' step, check out the pictures below.
BlackBerry A10 Aristo

BlackBerry A10 Aristo f

BlackBerry A10 will cost about $699 

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