Sunday, July 21, 2013

7 places you will not be able to use Google glasses in it

Google glasses gives you the ability to capture what is happening around you effectively great, but this will not happen anywhere.
Google glasses  will come in markets at the end of the year to take an impressive technology, especially taking pictures and recording videos, but unfortunately, or fortunately, perhaps, will not be able to use the glasses in certain places:

Google glasses

1) diving

Google glasses can not be used under water, whatever your skill in swimming
Or diving.
2) cinema

Google glasses  can not be used in cinemas to preserve the rights
Title, and non-diversion of new movies, and away from it, how you will be able to wear
Glasses while using the 3D glasses?

3)The friend HOME

Google glasses  are designed to enjoy what is happening around you and record the important moments, so it is not Decent used in the homes of friends or relatives.

4) Cars

Some states banned drivers from America's wear Google glasses while driving.

5) change clothes in the gyms room 

Of course, everyone knows that this is inappropriate, we will not accept any person in the room.

6) the doctor's office

Doctor needs to privacy and quiet to work directly, and it would not be surprising
That requires doctors to patients not to wear Google glasses during the detection.
7) Governmental Buildings.

Some government buildings to prevent the use of Google glasses  are uncertain, such as prisons
And courtrooms and in military areas.

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