Saturday, July 20, 2013

The tango app hacked by Syrian army

From the beginning of the program, and I don't really like Tango networking , because I see  it a very stupid thing because many problems are so direct you to completely omit the program from my device, today discovered that my choice was correct because it made certain that the news said the program has been compromised and the withdrawal of all talks and contacts which the invaders program have a huge database of talks and contacts and I don't know what the next step will work.
 tango app

The presence of this vast amount of contacts and messages they will make the program developers are embarrassed and previously read that the program is very weak in terms of protection and that the developer of the application did not care about this so I advise everyone to delete it and replace it with any other competitor and from my perspective I see that Line is the perfect replacement program is available to all smart phone platforms and also computers and tablets.

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