Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Unlocked Samsung ATIV S receives GDR2 update

Today we received the first reports from some readers that their Samsung ATIV S has (branding free) get a Windows Phone update. Although we also own such a device without branding, but this was no update, suggesting that the phased rollout takes place, as it is the rule.
Samsung ATIV S

 With this update, it is around 2 GDR (General Distribution Release), which on the Lumia 925 is already pre-installed. Thus proved to be true the rumor that the distribution of the update still takes place in July. As you can see from Microsoft's update history, GDR 2 brings the following improvements:
Xbox Music. Now even easier, you can select music, download, and attach. Music lovers will also now gain even more accurate metadata (such as information about songs and albums) and benefit from further performance improvements.
FM radio. Listening to FM radio directly through the Music + Videos Hub. (Not available on all phones.)
Data Sense. Stay up to date regarding your data usage with data scythe. You can set a limit or easily keep track of which applications can access most of the data based on your data plan. (Not all providers offer Sense of Data.)
Skype. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications such as Lync and Skype now have improved stability and performance features.
Internet Explorer. Due to the improved compatibility with HTML 5, you can now surf the web even better.
Further improvements. Includes many quality improvements for Windows Phone. [Editor's note: An improvement involves pinning a "Create New Page" tile OneNote]
As you can see, we have crossed off two points, as these two features are not present in our tipsters. Whether the radio function may be supplied with a later firmware update, is not known. If so, then also you need headphones to use this feature. Data Sense, however, still seems to depend on the mobile operator and therefore not to be present in non-branded devices. We can repeat that such a strategy in Germany does not make sense, since most buy a smartphone in the free trade only once.
The new operating system version 8.0. 10327.77 replaced 8.0.10211.204, but also the firmware, software radio and the bootloader has been updated. The exact version numbers (old and new) can be see from the screenshots.
Unlocked Samsung ATIV S units are receiving the GDR2 update
Before the GDR update 2
Now that that is the first Samsung S ATIV the GDR get 2 update, it should not take long until the remaining devices are updated. So you should get an update notification and have a Samsung ATIV S, you can us using the "Submit Tip" feature a screenshot of the new version numbers to send. Who owns such a device and want to look for the new version, which can try this in the settings under phone update. As already mentioned, each ATIV S is not directly receive the update, because this will be rolled out gradually.

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