Thursday, July 11, 2013

New android games and apps with July 2013 updates -Direct Download for free

we offers you the New android games and apps with July 2013 updates Direct Download for free

The apps and games  list:
  1. Download Deus Ex: The Fall Now for ios,ipad and iphone 5 
  2. Download Car Pro - Car Management, Mileage v4.7.4.
  3. Download Alarm clock PRO v6.7.7.
  4. Download Arcus Hyper Local Weather PRO v1.6.2.
  5. Download AutoVoice PRO v1.2.3.
  6. Download Banking 4A v4.7.1.4932 (German).
  7. Download Battery HD Pro v1.28.
  8. Download Boat Browser v5.7.1 + License.rar
  9. Download Button Savior (Root) PRO v1.8.0.
  10. Download c-PRO+ craigslist Client Droid v1.982.
  11. Download Clone Yourself - Camera v1.1.5.
  12. Download Crysta Icons v1.3.
  13. Download Deluxe Moon v1.67.
  14. Download DeluxeTheme Adw,Nova,Apex,Next v1.0.
  15. Download Emit v8.0.4.
  16. Download ExDialer & Contacts Donate v137.
  17. Download Falcon Pro (for Twitter) v2.0.4 Patched.
  18. Download Fast Burst Camera v4.3.5.
  19. Download Floating Notifications FULL v1.2.
  20. Download Flowpaper HD v1.09 Patched.
  21. Download FPse for android v0.11.107.
  22. Download gReader Pro (Google Reader) v3.3.4.
  23. Download GrooVe IP - Free Calls v1.3.11.
  24. Download Handrite note Notepad Pro v1.93.
  25. Download HaxSync for Facebook v2.7.5.rar
  26. Download History Eraser Pro v5.0.4 mod.
  27. Download IMplus Pro v6.5.5.
  28. Download  iPray Prayer Times & Qibla v1.4.6.
  29. Download MacroDroid - Device Automation PRO v1.9.3.
  30. Download MapMyRide+ GPS Cycling Riding v2.7.9.
  31. Download Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) v2.0.31.
  32. Download My Boy - GBA Emulator v1.5.2.
  33. Download Next Launcher 3D v1.38 build 70 Patched.
  34. Download Notification Weather Pro v1.0.2.
  35. Download PowerLine FULL v1.4.
  36. Download Prepaid Balance Widgets Pro v1.3.3.15 (Prepay).
  37. Download SCR Screen Recorder Pro - root v0.6-beta.
  38. Download Screen Off and Lock (Donate) v1.17 .
  39. Download Sliding Messaging Pro v6.51.
  40. Download Songsterr v1.39.8.
  41. Download SuperSU 1.40 + SuperSU Pro v1.00.rar
  42. Download SuperSU Pro v1.40 Patched.
  43. Download tetra filer v2.2.0.
  44. Download Twilight FULL v1.7.
  45. Download USB-BT Joystick Center 8 v8.10.rar
  46. Download WhatsApp+ v3.58D (Unlocked).
  47. Download XnRetro Pro v1.26.
  48. Download XPrivacy PRO v0.41.
  49. Download Zombies, Run! v2.1.2.
  50. Download All-In-One Toolbox(21 Tools) PRO v3.4.
  51. Download Arcus Hyper Local Weather PRO v1.6.3.
  52. Download Attack of the Spooklings v1.0.
  53. Download Bamboo Panda v1.0.0.
  54. Download Battery Defender v1.0.5 Ad-Free.
  55. Download BatteryBot Pro v8.1.4.
  56. Download Beautiful Widgets v5.2.3 b15.
  57. Download Camera JB+ v2.0.2.
  58. Download City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps v3.6.25.
  59. Download Crystal Next 3D Theme Pro v1.01.
  60. Download Dropsync PRO v2.4.28.
  61. Download Easy Uninstaller Pro v2.1.3.
  62. Download Emit v8.0.5.
  63. Download ExDialer & Contacts Donate v138.
  64. Download Faux123 Kernel Enhancement Pro v1.0.2.
  65. Download FlashLight HD LED Pro v1.53.
  66. Download G Cloud Backup FULL v3.0.0.
  67. Download GO Battery Saver & Widget Premium v4.1.0.
  68. Download iOS 7 Hybrid Theme HD v5.
  69. Download iTag - Music Tag Editor v1.65 Ad-Free.
  70. Download Journal - Orange Diary Pro v1.55.
  71. Download K- Mail Pro - email evolved v1.35.
  72. Download Kaiten Mail v2.009.
  73. Download MacroDroid - Device Automation PRO v1.9.4.
  74. Download MailDroid Pro v3.14.
  75. Download MapMyRun+ GPS Running v2.7.9.
  76. Download MNML White Theme Go Nova Apex v3.4.
  77. Download Moon+ Reader Pro v1.9.8.0.
  78. Download NewsRob (Google Reader RSS) PRO v4.9.0.
  79. Download NexMusic + v1.0.1.7.
  80. Download Next Launcher 3D X4 HD v1.0.
  81. Download Omega StatusBar Pro v1.7.1.2.
  82. Download Paper Artist v1.4.12.
  83. Download PowerDVD Mobile v4.0.11698.
  84. Download Prepaid Balance Widgets Pro v1.3.3.16 (Prepay).
  85. Download PrinterShare Mobile Print Premium v8.3.0.
  86. Download RAM Manager Pro v5.0.1.
  87. Download Rocket Music Player Premium v2.2.0.38.
  88. Download Screen Off and Lock (Donate) v1.17.1.
  89. Download SDS2 Clock Widget v4.
  90. Download SetCPU for Root Users v3.1.1.
  91. Download Simplistic Control v3.6.
  92. Download Sliding Messaging Pro v6.515.
  93. Download Smart Launcher Pro v1.6.19g.
  94. Download Smart Taskbar 2 (V2) PRO v2.1.0.
  95. Download Startup Manager (Full Version) v4.7.
  96. Download SuperSU Pro v1.41 Patched.
  97. Download SuperSU v1.41 + SuperSU Pro v1.00.rar
  98. Download Taskbar - Windows 8 Style (Premium) v1.41.
  99. Download Titanium Backup Pro Patched.
  100. Download WhatsApp+ v3.85D (MOD version).
  101. Download XPrivacy PRO v0.42. - 
  102. Download Call & Message blocker v4.5.1.
  103. Download Cardstock Icon Theme v2.3.
  104. Download CM 10.1 AOKP THEME NEON COLORS v2.70.
  105. Download CM10.1 CM9 Sony XPERIA Z theme v2.0.9.
  106. Download CM10CM10.1 Transparent Theme v4.5.
  107. Download Deco Sketch v1.8.2.-
  108. Download ExDialer & Contacts Donate v139.
  109. Download Gravity Screen Off Pro v1.60.
  110. Download Handrite note Notepad Pro v1.95.
  111. Download Infinite Design v2.4.2.
  112. Download Jive Icons (Apex, Nova, ADW) v2.0.2.
  113. Download Lozone LX Theme AOKPCM10 v1.6.
  114. Download MapsWithMe Pro, Offline Maps v2.4.1.
  115. Download Meridian Media Player Pro v3.0.6.
  116. Download Miui Suave Go Apex Nova Theme v1.1.
  117. Download MIUI v5 - Theme Chooser v1.1.
  118. Download NexMusic + v1.0.1.7.
  119. Download Ninja SMS v1.5.2.-
  120. Download Polaris Office v5.0.3304.17 Mod.
  121. Download PowerDVD Mobile v.4 4.0.4766.
  122. Download SCR Screen Recorder Pro root v0.7-beta.
  123. Download Smart App Protector(App Lock+) v5.5.0.
  124. Download SymbolsKeyboard & TextArt Pro v3.2.5.
  125. Download tetra filer v2.2.1.
  126. Download TweetCaster Pro for Twitter v7.5.2.
  127. Download UCam Ultra Camera Pro v3.2.0.070201.
  128. Download UCCW Theme Grids & Tiles v1.1.
  129. Download Weather Live v1.6.3. 

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