Sunday, July 21, 2013

Joystick for Android turns your phone into a PlayStation 3

The Student Ryan frainsh in Washington University invented a new Joystick working on Android Devices like Samsung galaxy s4 device and NEXUS 7.
This arm turning your Android device to a PlayStation 3 device, and there is no software to run, all you have to do is connect your arm through USB or Wi-fi, and to connect the arm across Wi-fi you should download Sixaxis Compatibility Checker , but of course not all devices, there is a devices dose not  accept the connect the Joystick across Wi-fi.
Joystick for Android

How to get it and use it ,See how it works in the following videos:
I wish I had to own one of them, but I do not have time to play, and anyone who wants to buy it enters the site: GameKlip or search for it in the market.

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