Friday, July 26, 2013

Upcoming verizon cell phones 2013/2014

We offer you the best phones coming to Verizon in 2013 before the next year, 2014, which is experiencing the present days great development of the leading companies"SAMSUNG-HTC-BLACKBERRY-NOKIA-APPLE-LG-SONY...." in the field of mobile phones and Smart phones.
1.Motorola DROID Ultra:
 logo Motorola_DROID_Ultra
2.Motorola DROID Mini:
Motorola DROID Mini
3.Motorola DROID maxx:
DROID maxx

2.Sony Honami mini
 Honami mini
3.Sony Xperia SP
Xperia SP
4.Sony Xperia ZR
 Xperia ZR availability
 LG G2
lG optimus GJ
2.LG Nexus 4
Price and specs of  LG Nexus 4 2014,LG Nexus 4 2013,LG Nexus 4 price
1.Samsung galaxy memo
Samsung Galaxy Memo
Samsung Galaxy Note III
Samsung Galaxy Note III

1.Nokia lumia 625

2.Nokia Lumia 1020
 Nokia _Lumia _1020

2.Nokia Lumia 520
Nokia Lumia 520
IPhone 5S

iPhone 5S

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